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Is there anything better than summer here in Southern Maryland? You have so many great things to do! How about a day at North Beach? Or perhaps a paddle in a kayak on the Patuxent Water Trail? And on really hot and muggy days, it’s always nice to stay at home in the air conditioning.

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If you’re looking to upgrade your air conditioning or add it to your home, you can trust Taylor with your AC installation, as well as to provide AC maintenance and AC repair.

Our equipment experts have the insights that come with decades of experience and training and will make sure that you get the right air conditioning system for your home’s size and your family’s needs. We offer FREE estimates, personalized to what you want.

The Taylor service technicians are trained and experienced in air conditioning installation of top-quality systems from leading manufacturers, such as Bosch and Lennox. And Taylor is here for you with air conditioning maintenance and air conditioning repair, whether or not we installed your AC system.

Taylor handles all kinds of AC systems

Do you have forced-air heating in your home? If so, adding central air conditioning is easy, as the cool air circulates into and around your home through your existing ductwork.

But older homes in St. Mary’s County and nearby towns in Calvert and Prince George’s Counties, as well as some newer homes, may not have forced-air heating. If that’s your situation, you may have thought that the only way you’d have air conditioning in your home is either by shelling out big bucks to install ductwork or by using window units.

Window AC units are energy inefficient and a security risk, they don’t provide adequate cooling, they’re noisy, they block light, and they let in bugs, pollen, dirt and dust. And as if that’s not enough, you have to get up on a ladder twice a year—to install them in the spring and take them down in the autumn.

However, there is an alternative that keeps your home cool without ductwork but with great energy efficiency: ductless mini-splits!

Because there’s no ductwork involved, mini-splits are easy to install, and they give you better cooling more efficiently, securely and cleanly than window air conditioning units.

Whatever kind of AC service you need, Taylor is on the job! Contact us today to learn more about what we’ll do for you!