Let Taylor Gas Heating Air Hook You Up!

There are several reasons you could be looking for propane tanks.

Perhaps you’re building a new home and plan on heating it with propane and/or using other propane appliances. Or maybe you’re adding propane appliances to your existing home. Or it could be that your old propane tanks showing their age.

Taylor Gas Heating Air has more than 70 years of taking care of the fuel needs of homes and businesses in Lexington Park, MD, and throughout Southern Maryland. Our knowledgeable and trained propane professionals will make sure that your new propane tanks are the right size for your needs. And our technicians will safely and expertly install it. We also perform underground propane tank leak testing, so you can be assured of your underground tank’s safety.

You can lease propane tanks from us, which saves you the work and expense of owning your own tank—Taylor handles all maintenance and repairs, and you don’t have to pay up front to buy a tank.

What Size Propane Tanks Do I Need?

Taylor Gas Heating Air personalizes this answer, because we want to be sure your propane tank is the right size for your family’s needs. We’ll talk it over with you and consider factors such as the size of your home, how many propane appliances you use, if you plan to add more down the road, and how often you want propane delivery service.

These are the sizes of the propane tanks Taylor Gas Heating Air offers:

  • 20-lb. Tank: This is the tank used for BBQ grills, RVs and camping, and home appliances like our SkeeterVac insect trap.
  • 33-lb. or 40-lb. Tank: If your business or farm uses propane for forklifts and other equipment, or if you use propane in your RV or for camping, these are the sizes you use.
  • 100-lb. Tank: This tank is for homes with only one propane appliance, such as a range or a cooktop, or a propane fireplace.
  • 420-lb. Tank: If you use propane for a few appliances, such as a water heater, a clothes dryer and a range, this tank may fit your needs.
  • 500-gallon Tank: This tank is for homes where propane is used for whole-house heating as well as for other appliances, including water heaters, fireplaces and ranges. It can be installed either aboveground or underground.
  • 1,000-gallon Tank: If you have a large home heated with propane and also use the fuel in several appliances, such as ranges, wall ovens, water heaters, fireplaces or high-Btu appliances like pool heaters, you may need this size. It can be installed aboveground or underground.

Propane Tank Monitoring

We get that life can be pretty busy. But forgetting to check your propane tank gauge levels can leave you in a pickle if you run low on, or run out of, fuel. That’s why we recommend Automatic Delivery.

But if you want even more peace of mind, sign up for our FREE wireless propane tank monitoring. The Taylor Gas Heating Air tank monitor tracks your actual propane usage in real time and sends an alert to us when you are ready for a refill so that we can promptly schedule a delivery before you run low.

Where Can I Refill My Propane Tank?

Most of the BBQ grills in the United States run on gas, and you likely have one of those. That means you need regular propane tank refills or exchanges to make sure you have enough propane for the next cookout.

If you’re looking for where to refill your propane tank, come to the Taylor Gas Heating Air showroom in Lexington Park, MD, where we can refill or exchange it. Our experts know how to refill your propane tank safely. And we give you a FULL tank, not shorted, as it can be at some exchange places. We can also recertify your propane tank.

Taylor Gas Heating Air is the local leader in safe, professional propane tank installation and leasing, as well as dependable propane refill of your tank. Contact us today at 301-862-1000 or request service online!