Snowstorms can hit us pretty hard here in Maryland. Imagine not having to shovel away all that snow before trying to get out of your driveway to get to the store or work. Our effective snow melting system can make this a reality for you!

If you don't already have a snow melting and radiant driveway heating system, you are missing out. Adding these could significantly reduce your stress and offer extra protection for anyone who needs to enter or exit the driveway to your Lexington Park, MD, home.

Start enjoying the many benefits snow melting and driveway heating systems have to offer. Turn to our Taylor Gas Heating Air professionals for snow melting solutions that will make your life safer and easier.

What Is the Purpose of Snow Melting and Heated Driveway Systems?

Snow melting and driveway heating systems are innovative solutions for combating some of the potential hazards snow and ice are known for creating.

Consider a snow melting system that provides adequate heating to your concrete, asphalt, brick, or stone driveway. Adding a heated driveway to your home will reduce the risk of slips and accidents on ice and help keep you safe.

How Much Snow Can a Driveway Heating System Melt?

The amount of snow that a heated driveway can melt varies based on the weather conditions, but typically it can melt up to three inches of snow per hour!

Save yourself the trouble of having to stay on top of the snowfall—schedule our team to install your driveway heating system before the next big storm hits!

Snow Melting and Heated Driveway Installation and Replacement

Your snow melting and heated driveway system will only be as good as its installation—don't choose just any company to provide this beneficial service. You can trust our Taylor Gas Heating Air professionals to follow the correct procedure and set your driveway heating system up to operate efficiently for many years to come!

Whether you are looking to add a heated driveway to your newly constructed home or you want to upgrade your existing driveway, our licensed and insured experts are here for you. We handle it all.

We can customize and install a snow melting system on sidewalks, loading ramps, steps, staircases, truck ramps, bridges, and other parts. Add radiant heating for your business grounds to protect your customers and employees, or bring the idea to your local community's attention for added protection on the sidewalk or park areas.

Be sure to speak with our experts about financing. Safety is a priority. That's why we offer financing as an option to help ensure you can add a snow melting and heated driveway system when you need one without having to go over budget. 

How Is Radiant Driveway Heating Installed?

Puzzled about the heated driveway installation works? It is a straightforward process: a heat-resistant cable will cover your driveway or the area that needs heating. Our Taylor Gas Heating Air experts will secure the cable to the wire remesh and then cover with concrete.

Heated driveways operate similarly to indoor radiant floors. You can switch on the system from the comfort of inside your home.

Snow Melting and Heated Driveway Repair in Lexington Park, MD

If your heated driveway isn't melting snow as it once did, or you have concerns about how efficiently your snow melting system is operating, be sure to contact our Taylor Gas Heating Air experts. We will happily inspect your system and determine if a repair is needed and take care of it for you.

Let us be the answer to any and all of your snow melting and driveway heating problems! We take your safety seriously and will work hard to get your system working properly again in no time.

Concerned your entire driveway will have to be dug up to be repaired? Don't worry—our experts can locate the area of concern with special tools and then correct the problem by excavating and repairing that particular section only, keeping the rest of your driveway intact.

Snow Melting and Heated Driveway Maintenance

While heated driveways require little maintenance and don't involve the use of any moving parts, you can still benefit from a maintenance visit with our Taylor Gas Heating Air professionals.

During driveway heating maintenance service, you can expect our experts to perform a complete inspection to ensure your safety. We will inform you of any issues that may require repair and do so for you.

We may even discover your driveway heating system is not operating as efficiently as it can. Don't continue wasting energy—let us recommend a solution and help you better manage your energy use and costs.

Don't forget to ask our professionals about our maintenance plans. Our Taylor Maintenance Agreements maintenance program is designed to ensure all of your heating and cooling equipment remains in ideal condition. 

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