HVAC Service and Repairs

Taylor keeps your heating and cooling systems running smoothly all year!

hvac service and repair

At Taylor, we don’t consider our job finished when your furnace, boiler, heat pump, central air conditioner, mini-split, or water heater is installed. We want to be your home comfort partner for years to come. Our skilled, experienced, and diligent technicians are here to perform HVAC service to ensure that your heating and cooling systems function at peak performance and last as long as possible.

We’re also available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for HVAC repairs. Southern Maryland families know that they can count on us to be there for them. If your equipment stops working or begins to make strange noises, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help. We will also happily provide service for equipment that Taylor didn’t install.

Heating service & repair

Today’s gas-fired boilers and furnaces have never been more efficient. However, they are also more technologically complex. The same is true of modern super-efficient heat pump systems. That’s why regular maintenance is vital to your home’s comfort. At Taylor, we stand behind our work.

Our heating service process is comprehensive, and our technicians have extensive training and knowledge of a broad range of manufacturers, including American Standard, Lochinvar, Bosch and Luxaire. We will clean your burners and other components, change filters, test your equipment, and make any necessary fixes or calibrations. This routine service pays off big with energy efficiency and system longevity.

And if your heating equipment breaks down, especially during the coldest nights of the year, Taylor’s heating repair team is here to help. Our technicians will arrive promptly, treat your home with total respect and get your system back online as quickly as possible.

Air conditioning service & repair

Without a doubt, the summers in St. Mary’s County, Calvert County, Charles County and Prince George’s County can get awfully toasty; that can cause your air conditioning or ductless mini-split system to work overtime. As the years go by, this will do a number on its efficiency. But don’t worry; Taylor’s HVAC service and repair team is on call and ready to keep the cool air flowing.

As with heating equipment, your cooling system needs to be serviced regularly to prevent repairs and extend its life. This is true for both central A/C and ductless systems. Our HVAC team has experience with all the top cooling equipment manufacturers, including Carrier and Rheem. We can help you get the most comfort from your A/C system.

Are you noticing leaking fluid, warm air, mechanical noises, or odors from your cooling equipment? Contact our air conditioning repair team, and we’ll be there right away. Many of these issues can be resolved quickly, while others are more complicated. Our team members can identify the problem and provide a solution.

How often should you have HVAC maintenance?

As a general rule, you should service your heating and air conditioning equipment once a year. This gives our technicians an opportunity to clean and calibrate its components, test it and find minor issues that, left unattended, can cause a breakdown and an expensive repair job.
We recommend that you get your equipment serviced when it’s not in use. Summer is an excellent time to schedule a heating inspection, and winter is suitable for tuning up your A/C.

Getting annual service on your HVAC equipment has substantial benefits, including the following:

There are circumstances where you may not need a inspection every year. This is sometimes the case when a home sits empty for part of the year, and one system isn’t used as often. A Taylor technician can look at your equipment and make a recommendation.

It pays to do business with a local home comfort company

Many Taylor customers first came to us because they were left hanging by a national chain or a small, fly-by-night operation. This is a common issue. Large corporations will leave you on hold forever or forward you to a call center half a world away. A small-time HVAC operator won’t pick up the phone if they’re overbooked or on vacation.

If your heating has failed on a sub-freezing night or your shower won’t warm up, this is a serious problem.

Taylor has ample personnel to handle your no-heat or no-A/C emergency. And our team is locally based. We know the homes, roads, and climate of Southern Maryland. Whatever the weather or the time of night, you can count on Taylor to show up when our competitors don’t.

Get in touch with the Taylor team to request service for your air conditioning and heating equipment.