How Do I Add a Generator to My Home?

Trust Taylor with your generator needs!

generators marylandFor more than 70 years, Taylor has been the propane delivery and service provider that your Southern Maryland neighbors count on to keep their homes safe and comfortable.

That security extends to our propane whole-house backup generator services. We help you select the right Generac propane whole-house backup generator for your home and your needs, and partner with PowerTech Electric for safe and expert installation. Generac is the industry leader in backup generators when it comes to quality, durability, and reliability.

Taylor is your full-service propane backup generator company because we also provide dependable propane delivery and expert propane tank installation done to the highest standards for safety.

By the way, if you have a natural gas connection for your generator, our technicians can run the connections and piping for it.

The advantages of a propane whole-house backup generator

Power outages can happen any time of the year here in Southern Maryland and for a wide range of reasons, such as summer thunderstorms, tropical storms or hurricanes, ice storms, nor’easter coastal winter storms, traffic accidents taking down poles and power lines, or a failure in your local electric utility’s infrastructure.

Some power outages can last less than an hour and are inconvenient at worst. Some, however, can last for days, especially if they are related to widespread severe weather that mean utility crews may not be able to restore power for days if not weeks. That can be uncomfortable and dangerous.

Here are five reasons why having Taylor install a Generac propane whole-house backup generator at your home makes sense.

  1. Keep your family safe. A propane whole-house generator keeps life-saving medical equipment like home dialysis, CPAPs, and electric wheelchairs going. Your house security system will stay on as well.
  2. Keep your property from getting damaged. If your power happens to go out, that also means your sump pump isn’t working. Consequently, you’re at a much higher risk for flooding in your basement- which could amount to thousands of dollars in damages. Not to mention the sentimental items stored down there like holiday decorations and family mementoes would be ruined as well. A propane whole-house generator keeps the sump pump running so your basement stays dry. 
  3. Keep comfortable. A propane whole-house backup generator is a failsafe option to keep your heating system or air conditioning running if you lose power.
  4. Keep your food safely cold. You could have hundreds of dollars’ worth of food in your fridge and freezer. And if you have a standalone freezer for fishing, hunting, freezing vegetables from your garden, or warehouse shopping, that figure can soar. Food in a refrigerator can begin to spoil in as little as four hours. A propane whole-house generator will keep your food at a safe temperature. It also powers appliances like your multicooker, coffeemaker, air fryer, and slow cooker so you don’t have to subsist on cold food until the power comes back on.
  5. Keep connected with the outside world. A propane whole-house backup generator powers your electronics so that you can stay in touch with family and local authorities during a crisis, work remotely, and allow the kids access to games, TV, and their laptops.

Don’t let another winter go by without the security and comfort of a Generac propane whole-house backup generator! Contact Taylor today to get started on installing one at your home.