Gas Firepits vs. Wood Firepits

Enjoy all the fun without the work or worry!

why choose a gas firepit marylandIf you enjoy spending weekends in your Southern Maryland back yard, whether it’s a big get-together with relatives and friends or just family time, a firepit creates a perfect gathering spot.

It’s a place where you can share laughs over a glass of wine with friends, have quality time with your better half, or connect with the kids as they roast marshmallows.

Firepits let you extend your time outdoors, taking the chill out of the air after the sun goes down. So even after the leaves start to turn, you can still enjoy your back yard.

You have a choice when it comes to firepits: gas-fired or wood-burning. Which one to choose? We’ll show you why gas is the way to go!

Gas firepits are easier to use

With a gas firepit, there’s no need to bring wood, build a fire and light it, then wait for it to get going. Instead, you just press a button and, voilà! You have fire! You can skip right to relaxing. And, when you’re ready to go inside, you just press the button again and the fire’s gone. You have to regularly clean a wood firepit because of soot and creosote. You don’t have to do that with a gas firepit.

Gas firepits are safer

When a wood fire burns, it releases sparks and embers. Those can be carried away from a wood-burning firepit and land on grass, trees, or shrub, where they can ignite. And they can also land on a person, causing burns. Gas firepits do not create those sparks and embers, so you can enjoy your firepit worry-free!

Gas firepits burn clean

While some may love the smell of a wood fire, not everyone wants their clothes and hair smelling of smoke at the end of an evening. Because propane burns so clean, you can place it closer to the house without worry. Wood fires can emit 28 or more pounds of particulate emissions, which is bad for the environment. The fine particulate matter given off from wood fires is also unhealthy and can be bad for your heart and respiratory symptoms. Propane produces less than 1% of those emissions compared with wood, so it’s better for your health and the planet!

Come visit the Taylor Lexington Park showroom to see the beautiful gas firepits that can enhance your back yard!