Will Colder Temperatures Affect My Propane Supply?

Protect your propane with these tips from Taylor!

propane in winter St. Mary’s county, MD Winter’s knocking on the door here in Southeastern Maryland. Are you ready?

Taylor is here for you to make sure your home will always have propane for your home’s heating, water heating, cooking, and other needs. We offer Automatic Delivery and FREE wireless propane tank monitoring that give you peace of mind.

We’re also here to help you understand more about propane, including how your home’s propane supply may be impacted by the cold weather to come.

Can propane freeze or go bad?

Because propane is stored in a liquid state inside your tank, it’s natural to have concerns about the potential for freezing.

There is no cause for concern, as propane possesses an exceptionally low freezing point of -306°F. A temperature of such extreme coldness can only be achieved in meticulously controlled scientific laboratories, rendering it unattainable in any other location on our planet.

Propane, with a boiling point of around -44°F, transitions from a gaseous state to a liquid state. Considering that the average low temperature in Lexington Park in January is 30°F, the chances of such an event are infinitesimally low.

Propane provides an added advantage: it does not degrade like gasoline, diesel fuels, or heating oil.

Propane is known for its long-lasting integrity and resistance to chemical and physical reactions when stored in a tightly sealed tank. As a result, propane remains effective over extended periods, maintaining its performance from the day of purchase. This exceptional quality makes propane the ideal choice for a wide range of appliances and equipment in your home. Whether it’s a frequently used water heater or an occasionally accessed space heater or fireplace, propane offers unparalleled advantages, making it a versatile and reliable option.

Propane’s unparalleled durability and reliability make it the ideal choice for whole-house standby generators. Unlike gasoline or diesel alternatives, propane ensures that users won’t be caught off guard during power outages. With propane, there’s no need to fret about fuel degradation inside the generator’s tank or the unavailability of fresh fuel. Rest assured, propane is the dependable solution that guarantees peace of mind.

Find peace of mind knowing that you have a dependable supply of propane securely stored in your home’s tank. With this assurance, your standby generator will activate precisely when needed, ensuring uninterrupted power without fail.

How to protect your propane supply

Although propane itself does not freeze, extremely cold temperatures can still affect the pressure within your propane tank.

Similar to other liquids, propane undergoes contraction when temperatures drop. This contraction results in reduced pressure, potentially impeding the flow of gas to your burner if it reaches critically low levels. Therefore, it is vital to comprehend the impact of cold weather on pressure levels within your tank to guarantee peak performance throughout the winter season.

Here are ways to keep the pressure in your tank positive.

Keep your propane tank at least 30% full: To ensure a continuous supply of propane, it is crucial to maintain the tank pressure above 30% capacity. For a seamless and worry-free experience, we highly recommend utilizing Taylor’s Automatic Delivery and wireless propane tank monitoring services. These services offer peace of mind, as your propane tank will never run low, and we will arrange timely deliveries tailored to your specific needs. Rest assured that with Taylor’s, you can always count on a reliable and efficient propane supply.

Turn down the thermostat: By slightly lowering your thermostat, you can reduce the frequency of your heating system turning on. This has the dual benefit of maintaining the pressure in your propane tank and preventing it from reaching dangerously low levels. To effortlessly make this adjustment, consider using a smart or programmable thermostat.

With reliable propane delivery and wireless propane tank monitoring from Taylor, you’ll always have the propane you need to keep your Southern Maryland home warm, safe, and comfortable. Become a customer today!