Spring A/C Maintenance: Perfect Timing!

Keep Your Home Cool And Comfortable With Taylor!

central air inspection marylandWe all procrastinate from time to time. There’s last-minute Christmas shopping when you don’t want to deal with stores. There’s letting the laundry pile become a small mountain.

Sometimes, procrastination creates a hassle. Like when you put off getting your home’s central air conditioning system its annual maintenance inspection from Taylor. Procrastinating on this may result in you having a hard time booking a service call because everyone else procrastinated, too. If a heatwave hits before you get the inspection, the A/C could break down.

By not procrastinating, you’ll be rewarded with convenience and peace of mind that your home will be cool all summer long.

Why Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced In Spring?

While the weather is getting warmer here in Southern Maryland, it’s not AC weather yet. But it will be soon!

Spring can be a quieter time for equipment service professionals like the service technicians we have at Taylor. The heating season is over, and A/C season hasn’t started. That means it’s much easier for you to schedule your air conditioning maintenance inspection for a date and time that best fits your schedule.

You also get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that when the first heat wave hits, your air conditioning system is ready to keep your home cool and comfortable.

Why Is Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance Important?

Would you drive your car for years without getting a inspection, or even an oil and filter change? Of course not.

Not giving your home’s central air conditioning an annual maintenance inspection is pretty much the equivalent of that. Lack of maintenance can lead to more breakdowns, more repair bills, and a shorter lifespan for the A/C.

There are several benefits to annual inspections. They help your air conditioning system run at its peak efficiency. That means you won’t have to use as much energy to cool your home.

An annual maintenance inspection by an HVAC professional may be needed to keep your AC system’s warranty in effect.

Having annual maintenance also gives our expert technicians the opportunity to closely examine your air conditioning, so we can spot and fix problems before they become worse and cause the A/C to break down.

The knowledgeable, experienced A/C service technicians at Taylor are ready to take care of your home’s air conditioning. Contact us today to schedule your air conditioning maintenance inspection!