Propane Water Heaters: A Smart Install For Your Home

propane water heaters maryland

Discover the benefits of propane for water heating!

Are you considering replacing your home’s current water heater?

What you replace it is an important decision to make. Why? Because not only is having hot water essential for hot showers, laundry, and washing dishes, but water heating accounts for about 20% of your home’s energy costs. A water heater can also have an impact on your home’s resale value.

All of those reasons are why the Taylor equipment professionals recommend that you use propane water heaters in your Southern Maryland home. We offer FREE estimates, so you have a no-cost way of finding out why propane is the fuel of choice for water heating. And you can get great financing through us as well!

Want to learn more about why propane is the way to go? We have three reasons.

Propane water heaters are cost-effective

While propane water heaters cost a little more upfront than electric water heaters, they are so much better in terms of long-term value! When you factor in installation costs, life expectancy, and BTUs per dollar, propane comes out at about 30% less costly than electricity over the water heater’s lifespan. Propane water heaters last almost 10 years longer on average than electric water heaters.

Propane water heaters work better

Propane water heaters get your water hot almost twice as fast as electric water heaters, so there’s less time waiting before you can take a shower. And if you choose a propane tankless water heater, there’s no waiting because you get endless hot water, on-demand!

Propane water heaters are safer

Did you know that electric water heaters are at a greater risk to ignite than propane water heaters? Propane is also non-toxic. The service technicians at Taylor are trained and experienced, and dedicated to safety, so you can be assured that your new propane water heater is installed and maintained to the highest safety standards.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of a propane water heater? Contact us today to get started!