An A/C Maintenance Plan Keeps You Cool & Stress-Free

Don’t Let An A/C Breakdown Ruin Your Summer!

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After this past year, many of us here in Southern Maryland are ready for some serious summer fun, whether it’s heading to the beach, spending time with family and friends in our back yards, or going to a baseball game.

You’ll also be home a lot, whether you work remotely or have loved ones visiting. This is not the time for your home’s central air conditioning to conk out. Make sure your A/C is ready for what is forecast to be a hotter-than-normal summer by getting it an annual maintenance inspection from Taylor!

Why Is Air Conditioning Maintenance Important?

Getting your home’s air conditioning an annual inspection is good for your air conditioning system, as well as your comfort and your bank account.

First, it ensures that your air conditioning is able to do its job of keeping your home cook and comfortable. Our trained, knowledgeable service technicians thoroughly inspect the A/C system while performing the inspection, giving them the chance to discover problems and fix them before they become worse and lead to inefficiency, breakdowns, and repair bills.

A inspection helps your air conditioning run at its peak efficiency, which keeps your energy costs under control. Annual preventative maintenance may help keep your central air conditioning system’s warranty in effect.

With regular professional maintenance, you extend the life expectancy of your air conditioning and help to prevent breakdowns. Both of those can save you some big money. The national average cost of repairs for a central air conditioning system is $374, while the national average cost of replacing a central air conditioning system is $5,644.

What To Expect With An A/C Tune-up

Here are some of the things our service technicians do when we perform a maintenance inspection on your central air conditioning system:

Make sure your home’s air conditioning is protected. Contact us to schedule your annual A/C maintenance.