What’s Renewable Propane?

Learn about the even greener future of propane!

renewable propane marylandThe propane industry is at the forefront of the world’s effort to find energy sources that have a lesser environmental impact and a smaller carbon footprint.

Propane is already largely ecologically beneficial: it is produced domestically and burned cleanly, with almost zero greenhouse gas emissions. However, renewable propane takes our efforts toward sustainability a step further.

Read on to learn more about renewable propane, and what it can do for the Southern Maryland environment we all cherish and want to protect.

How renewable propane is made

Renewable propane is a by-product of the renewable diesel process. Biomass, animal fats, vegetable oils, and other triglycerides are being used in the development of renewable propane in the United States and Europe.

The final product of this process is propane that is identical to traditional propane in terms of characteristics. It’s clean-burning, affordable, and dependable. When compared with electricity, it has a minuscule carbon footprint. You can keep your home comfortable while reducing your environmental impact!

How renewable propane benefits you

As renewable propane development grows, more people and businesses will be able to readily benefit from it. This will assist in lowering the region’s carbon emissions as more people use renewable propane.

Renewable propane has other benefits, especially for businesses and farms.

Advanced technologies are now available for use with ultra-low-nitrogen-oxide engines. These and other advancements will result in significant environmental and public health benefits, particularly for transportation and stationary engines used in agriculture.

Renewable propane is interchangeable with ordinary propane at a molecular level, and it may be combined with regular propane and utilized in existing propane-powered appliances and equipment. It can also be used in vehicles running on propane autogas.

Businesses benefit from significant reductions in air pollutants and diesel particulate matter. These reduced particulates may also help vehicle and equipment engines last longer, requiring less maintenance and fewer repairs. As a result, renewable propane is beneficial to the bottom line as well as the environment!

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