What is Propane Used For?

Discover the versatility of propane!

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How propane is used

Propane is a wonderfully versatile energy source that provides many benefits for your Southern Maryland home. However you use propane, its clean burning and superior efficiency give you more bang for your energy cost bucks. Propane can be used in a wide range of propane appliances that make your home life better in many ways.

Heating. When it comes to keeping your home warm and comfortable, propane can’t be beat! Today’s high-efficiency propane furnaces and boilers offer efficiencies as high as 98%, meaning you will be paying as little as possible on your heating costs.

Water heating. Propane water heaters can heat much more water in the same amount of time as an electric water heater, and they do so for roughly 30% less cost. A propane tankless water heater can cut your water heating energy costs even more!

Generators. Get safety and comfort when the power goes out with a propane whole-house backup generator. The lights and home security system stay on, the refrigerator keeps food safely cold, electronics can be charged, and home medical equipment such as CPAPs and electric wheelchairs can be used.

Cooking. You can get the precise, instant temperature control professional chefs love when you cook on a propane range.

Space heating. A propane space heater allows you to use unheated spaces year-round. Even in winter, you can enjoy the view from your sunporch in comfort.

Fireplaces. A propane fireplace puts an end to the work and mess of a wood-burning fireplace. Just push a button to turn your propane fireplace on and relax!

Outdoor living. Propane makes your back yard a destination. If you use propane cylinders for your grill, come to our Lexington Park showroom for fast and easy propane cylinder refills and recertification. Propane pool and spa heaters get your water warm exponentially faster than comparable electric models. Propane deck and patio heaters, outdoor fireplaces, and firepits let you enjoy your piece of the great outdoors even if there’s a nip in the air.

Clothes drying. Laundry day is much easier when you use a propane clothes dryer. It not only gets clothes dry quickly, its moist heat prevents wear while reducing wrinkles.

Propane is also used in business

Propane is also used in a wide range of commercial applications.

Hospitality. Restaurants use propane to power a wide range of appliances including ranges, broilers, water heaters, refrigeration systems, grills, outdoor space heating, and outdoor lighting. Hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, inns, and resorts get high-efficiency heating and water heating. Propane commercial clothes dryers get their high volume of linens dry 25% faster than electric dryers with less wear and fewer wrinkles, improving housekeeping efficiency.

Forklifts. At construction sites, warehouses, farms, and retail stores, propane forklifts are superior to electric and gasoline forklifts in many ways. They are more powerful than electric forklifts and don’t need to be idled for hours to recharge. Simply replace the empty propane cylinder with a new one and it’s back on the job. Propane forklifts can be used indoors, unlike gasoline forklifts.

Farms. Propane offers many advantages in agriculture with efficient barn, greenhouse, and poultry house heating, as well as for generators and safer, more environmentally friendly flame weed control.

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