Commercial Propane Services for Businesses

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bulk propane maryland There have been a lot of curveballs thrown at Southern Maryland businesses in recent years. First, it was the global COVID-19 pandemic, followed by the energy crisis that reverberated around the world with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, along with inflation and rising interest rates.

With all that, business owners are looking for ways to keep costs down. Taylor can help with that, offering dependable commercial propane services and competitive, transparent pricing. We set up a customized bulk propane delivery schedule for your business and offer expert propane tank installation and leasing.

Here are some of the ways propane can help businesses here in Southern Maryland keep costs under control while offering opportunities for growth.

Commercial uses for propane

Propane’s energy efficiency and versatility make it an energy source that can be used in many ways in many types of businesses. Here are some of them.

Hospitality. Propane does so much in hospitality. It powers ranges, cooktops, ovens, broilers, grills, warming trays, and more in restaurants and commercial kitchens, giving chefs the benefits of gas cooking without the need for a natural gas utility. It also offers high-efficiency water heating, laundry drying, space heating, and more for hotels, inns, resorts, events centers, and golf courses.

Warehouses and distribution centers. When it comes to moving materials, propane forklifts can do it all! Because propane is clean-burning, it can be used indoors where gasoline-powered forklifts cannot. It takes less than five minutes to refuel a propane forklift, while electric forklifts can be sidelined for eight hours or longer for recharging.

Landscaping. Propane commercial mowers and other landscaping equipment are safer, as they do not create exhaust workers breath in. They also are easier to refuel and eliminate the risk of fuel spills. Trucks powered by propane autogas are efficient while reducing maintenance and repair costs.

Construction. Propane is used on construction sites for temporary heating, climate control, generators to charge cordless tools, ground thawing, and more.

Health care. Hospitals, health care facilities, nursing homes, rehab centers, and assisted living facilities rely on having power to treat patients and use technology to access patient data, as well as to operate essential medical equipment such as monitors and breathing equipment like oxygen machines and CPAPs. Propane standby generators provide that power when the electricity goes out. It’s efficient and more reliable than diesel.

Bulk propane for farming

Propane is an outstanding energy source for the wide array of farms here in Southern Maryland. That’s because propane can do so much! Here are some of the advantages it offers to local farmers.

Our bulk propane services allow your farm to be more efficient cutting fuel and energy costs.

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