Ways You Can Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning

Taylor helps you beat the heat!

keep cool without ac maryland

It’s hard to believe, but Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner!

While we may not be able to do the big cookouts and parades because of social distancing, it’s still the unofficial start to summer.

This summer here in Southern Maryland is predicted to be hotter than normal by the Old Farmer’s Almanac. If that has you worried because your home doesn’t have air conditioning, we have some ways you get through.

No A/C? Some cooling tips

Some small things can help keep your home from getting too hot.

Keep the heat out. Close blinds or window coverings during the day in south- and west-facing windows.

Be smart with fans. Fans can do more than circulate air. Turn ceiling fans counterclockwise to draw hot air up and away from you. If you have upper stories on your home, use fans in windows to draw hot air up and out of the house.

Sleep cool and comfortable. The best way to keep cool when sleeping is to use all-cotton sheets. Cotton breathes, which helps pull heated air from you and wicks sweat. Polyester and other fabrics trap heat and sweat next to your body, making for an uncomfortable night.

Keep the stove off. Cooking on the stove heats up the kitchen and the rooms around it. Use your outdoor grill, slow cooker, multicooker and toaster oven as alternatives to using the cooktop or the oven.

Change your chores schedule. Dryers also add a lot of heat to your home. Do laundry in the morning and after the sun goes down. Your home stays cooler and you reduce stress on your local electricity grid.

You have air conditioning options

If you have decided that you want air conditioning in your home, Taylor offers installation of top-quality air conditioning systems by the best makers in the business including Bosch, Luxaire, and American Standard. Our equipment technicians are trained and experienced.

But central air conditioning isn’t your only option! If you don’t have ductwork in your home, you can still be cool without inefficient, unattractive, light-blocking window units. We also install ductless mini-split air conditioning that gives you zoned, customizable, cool comfort!

Ready to add air conditioning to your home? Contact Taylor today to get started!