The Importance of Tuning Up Your Heater in the Fall

Taylor helps keep your home warm and cozy

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With fall just around the corner, we’re starting to put summer behind us. Soon, t-shirts will give way to flannel shirts. And sometime in the coming month or so, we’ll likely be turning on the heat in our Southern Maryland homes.

Is your heater ready for the coming cold weather? It will be with a inspection from Taylor!

[h3]What you get with a fall inspection

Four key advantages result from having your furnace or boiler’s equipment inspected, serviced, and adjusted by Taylor’s experienced, trained professional service technicians every year.

Preventing breakdowns. Regular, skilled maintenance may have prevented four out of five heating system repairs. When our specialists are doing their maintenance on your heating system, they’re also looking at it very carefully. This allows them to identify issues and repair them before they become worse, leading to a costly repairs bill.

Improving efficiency. A properly maintained furnace or boiler operates at peak efficiency. You will save money on your energy bills!

Protecting your investment. When your furnace or boiler is maintained on a regular basis, it operates better and has fewer breakdowns. As a result, the life of your home’s heating system can be extended significantly.

Protecting your heater’s warranty. To keep your heating system’s warranty in effect, most manufacturers require annual professional maintenance inspections. If you don’t get the maintenance, you could end up paying big repair fees in the future when your warranty is invalid.

No better time than the present for a inspection

As the weather continues to get colder, our service department gets busier as everyone wants their furnace or boiler serviced right away. The longer you wait to book an appointment, the longer you may have to wait for your inspection.

By having your inspection done in the fall, we’ll be more likely to arrive on time. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your furnace or boiler is in its best working order at all times, no matter when the first blast of winter arrives!

Don’t go into winter without your furnace or boiler running at its best. Contact us today to schedule your annual maintenance inspection!