Troubleshooting your A/C

Know when to call in the pros at Taylor

central air repair Lexington Park, md The warmer weather here in Southern Maryland means air conditioning season is just around the corner.

It also means that your home’s air conditioning system may break down this summer. No one likes having to pay for equipment repairs. But no matter how many online DIY videos you watch, some air conditioning repairs are best left to professional HVAC service technicians like the team at Taylor.

If you are having problems with your air conditioning, you may be able to solve them without a service call. We’ve put together some troubleshoots for common problems that may have your A/C up and running. However, if you don’t feel comfortable performing these, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll come check things out.

A/C troubleshoots

If your air conditioner won’t run, or is having a hard time cooling your home, follow these steps.

  1. Check the thermostat. See if it is on and properly set to “Cool.” You may need to change the batteries. Turn the temperature down a couple of degrees to see if the A/C kicks on.
  2. Check your circuit breaker. Reset if needed. If the A/C keeps tripping the circuit, contact Taylor for a service call.
  3. Check the outdoor unit. Clear any debris away unit and check the piping for ice buildup.
  4. Check the air filter. Change it if needed. Set a reminder to check it once a month.
  5. Check your registers. Too many closed registers can cause a bottleneck in the A/C system and cause it components to freeze. Sometimes furniture, curtains, or other items can block or impede air flow. Make sure the cooled air coming from the registers and going into the return vents have a clear path.

When to call a service technician

There are instances, however, where you should skip the troubleshoots and contact Taylor for a service call. Here are some of them.

You smell burning. If there are burning odors coming from your air conditioning unit or through the vents, it may be due to electrical issues or components that are overheating. To prevent any potential danger, quickly turn off your air conditioning system and contact us right away.

The air conditioning unit has significant ice buildup or water overflow. Air conditioning systems are designed to condense a certain amount of water, which is typically discarded. However, if you detect an issue such as ice formation or water spilling from the unit, immediately turn it off and contact Taylor. Ignoring large amounts of water discharge or a steady drip for an extended period can be hazardous to your home, health (mold being the primary concern), and air conditioning system.

Your air conditioning system is making odd noises. If you hear any loud screeching, gurgling, or hissing coming from your air conditioning unit, these sounds could indicate potentially dangerous mechanical issues. It may be a loose fan belt or an overworked compressor; alternatively, the system might have developed a refrigerant leak somewhere. Turn off the A/C system immediately and contact Taylor.

If you need expert air conditioning service, you can count on Taylor! Get in touch with us for all your A/C needs.