Summer Propane Safety: Hot Tips

Make sure an accident doesn’t ruin your summer

summer Propane Safety maryland

The hot summer weather here in Southern Maryland has us outdoors and enjoying ourselves more.

Propane makes our back yards a great place to be, with outdoor living appliances like grills, deck and patio heaters, pool and spa heaters, insect traps, firepits, and fireplaces.

But to enjoy all of that, you need to know about propane safety, and how to protect your home and loved ones. We’ve put together some tips to help you with that.

Give propane appliances room

Distancing isn’t just for people. Propane-burning equipment like grills need a clear space around them.

They need to be kept away from anything combustible like fences, deck railings, siding, and materials that emit combustible fumes, such as paint or other finishing product.

Your grill, along with your propane deck or patio heater, firepit, or fireplace must be at least three feet from all doors and windows on your home, and 10 feet or more from any air intake device. This is to reduce the risk of propane vapor getting into your home.

Keep children and pets at least three feet away from outdoor propane equipment that is in use.

Correctly store propane cylinders

Many of us have more than one propane cylinder on hand, especially when we want to make sure we’ll have enough to run the grill for a cookout.

Taylor makes that easy with our convenient propane cylinder refill and exchange service at our Lexington Park showroom.

There are some key things to know about safety and propane cylinders.

Always store them upright and keep them outdoors. NEVER store cylinders indoors, or in a garage, carport, shed, or sunporch.

When you are transporting cylinders for refill or exchange, keep them upright and secure, and don’t leave them in the car unattended.

Be safe with your propane appliances

Propane appliances must be installed according to instructions from the manufacturer as well as all propane regulations, codes, and standards.

The best way to ensure that happens is by having your propane appliances installed by the trained and experienced service technicians at Taylor.

Have your outdoor propane appliances inspected and serviced every year by a professional propane service technician, which we can do for you as well. Clean and inspect your equipment frequently throughout the summer to spot any problems.

Have questions about propane safety? Contact us. We’ll be glad to help!