Should I Repair Or Replace My Air Conditioning?

It pays to think long-term

Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioning?

Summer has begun in earnest here in Southern Maryland.

Between staying home more and the forecast for a hotter summer than normal, you may be wondering if your home’s air conditioning will be able to the challenge of keeping your home cool and comfortable. That’s especially true if your A/C system needs repairs.

Now comes the choice: repair or replace?

There’s no one answer that’s right for everybody. We have three things to think about so you can make the call that’s right for you.

The age of your A/C system

Once an air conditioning system is 10 years old, replacing it becomes more sensible then repairing it. That’s especially true if you’re facing a big repair bill. That’s because an older A/C system has more wear and tear, which means that more repairs will likely be coming soon.

But if your air conditioning system is less than 10 years old, the answer isn’t always clear. The Taylor experienced, trained air conditioning service technicians can discuss the options with you. A good rule to follow is that if a repair costs 50% or more of the replacement cost would be, it’s likely best to upgrade now.

The maintenance record of your air conditioner

A home cooling system that gets regular, professional maintenance lasts longer and needs fewer repairs. Even if you have a well-maintained A/C system, it will eventually fail. Upgrading will get you better efficiency and reliability. And by not waiting until the A/C breaks down, you have the chance to make a well-planned choice for replacement.

The cost of air conditioning replacement

The up-front purchase and installation costs of a new central air conditioning system can feel daunting. But don’t let that fear push you to settle for another repair that will only work in the short term. Taylor offers financing that makes your new A/C attainable.

Also, today’s air conditioning systems are much more energy-efficient. You’ll get a return on your investment right away with lower energy costs!

This is a great time to add air conditioning to your home. And if you think you can’t have it and have to settle for inefficient window A/C units because you don’t have ductwork in your home, Taylor also installs ductless mini-split air conditioning for efficient, zoned comfort!

Contact us to discuss your air conditioning options!