Residential ServicesPropane for around the house including heating, hot water, cooking, grilling and more...

Fireplace Sales and Service

We provide services for turn-key propane fireplace installation. We also offer a range of models to choose from in our store and would be glad to help you find exactly what your looking for.

Turn-key Installations

We fully back every product we sell. Our team has the knowledge to get your propane related installation done to your liking.

Whole House Backup Generators

Concerned about extended durations of power loss? So are we. That is why we offer whole-house propane-powered backup generators that will keep you and your family out of the dark!

Auxillary Heating

We offer many options for supplemental heating of your residence or building. This includes ventless heaters, hot water recirculation systems, and portable propane powered heating systems.

Safety Inspections

Taylor Gas Company is the best when it comes to propane professionalism and know-how. Trust your safety to our 60+ years of experience handling propane systems.

Propane Equipment Sales

Come visit our showroom! We have a nice selection of grills, grilling accessories, stoves, fireplaces and other propane related devices.

Air Conditioning Installations & Replacement

No matter why you’re looking into HVAC installation, we can help you. Perhaps your current system has gone bad. Maybe you simply want a better-performing, more energy-efficient air conditioner and you’ve heard about today’s modern air conditioning units. Whatever the case, we can provide a new system that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Click Here To View More Information!

Propane Cylinder Refills

We also provide on-site propane tank refills! Bring your existing 20lb. cylinder in and we can refill it for you. It's fast and easy!

Propane flexible payment plans in Southern Maryland

Taylor Gas Company offers choices in service options and flexibility in payment plans. We can help!

Budget: Allows you to pay an equal monthly payment all year round to avoid large bills during the high demand months.

Pre-buy: Allows you to purchase your gallons in advance at a fixed rate.

Auto-fill: With automatic delivery, you don’t use more fuel than you normally would; you simply don’t have to worry about calling Taylor Gas for a delivery. With automatic delivery, ‘checking your tank’ is a thing of the past. To learn more about this popular service please contact us today.

Propane gas on demand water heater in St. Mary's County Maryland

Tankless Water Heaters

Propane tankless hot water systems are more than 90% efficient which equates to cash savings. The majority of units produced have earned the Energy Star approval rating. These systems are about a third of the size of a tank water heater and use a heat exchanger to deliver limitless hot water to your whole house. Because they have eliminated the need for water storage there is no requirement to fire the boiler when hot water is not in use. this means you only use propane when you use hot water.

Propane Boiler in La Plata, MD

Propane Boilers

Propane boilers are a very efficient way to heat your home. There are many possibilities with this method in terms of radiant heat systems, hot water baseboard and hot water recirculation systems.

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    Contact us via phone, email or stop in at our Lexington Park, MD location to discuss all your propane projects. Big or small we would like to help with all your propane related projects.

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    Once we know what you would like to do our team will help you to decide what best fits your budget and time requirements. We will give you solutions.

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    After the planning stage your project will be scheduled and our service professionals will arrive to complete the installation.

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    Upon completion of the project we will make sure you understand the operation of your new systems and answer any questions you may have.