Commercial ServicesPropane for business, large or small we can heat them all!

Fireplace Sales and Service

Want to add a propane fireplace to your restaurants dining room? We have you covered!

Turn-key Installations

Your business will benefit from the quick and professional quality job that our team can deliver. We have in-depth experience with commercial propane applications.

Backup Generators

Backup systems that run on propane are high capacity, reliable and efficient. Don't risk loosing your frozen inventory during a power outage.

Auxillary Heating

Small space heating or a secondary hybrid system can provide your business with an energy efficient solution.

Safety Inspections

Safety in an environment with customers is a #1 priority. Let us do a complete inspection of your propane systems to ensure a safe operating environment for your customers.

Propane Equipment Sales

We work with many suppliers which, gives us a great wealth of information on correctly matching a powerful piece of propane equipment for your specific business need. We can help!

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Large Capacity Commercial Water Heating

A propane storage water heater delivers the same amount of hot water as an electric tank, which is much larger and takes up more space in the facility. An Energy Star-qualified propane unit will save between 13 and 16 percent in annual energy costs compared with standard electric and heating oil water heaters, respectively.

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Commercial Propane Boilers

Propane gas heating equipment is energy-efficient – making maximum use of every energy dollar you spend. High efficiency propane furnaces and boilers are designed to cut your energy costs by increasing the amount of heat obtained from every gallon of fuel consumed. Whether it’s a new furnace or boiler for your primary heating application or a gas space heater to supplement your central or dedicated heating source, your decision to use propane will give you one of the most efficient and versatile energy sources for your business.

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    Contact us via phone, email or stop in at our Lexington Park, MD location to discuss all your propane projects. Big or small we would like to help with all your propane related projects.

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    Once we know what you would like to do our team will help you to decide what best fits your budget and time requirements. We will give you solutions.

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    After the planning stage your project will be scheduled and our service professionals will arrive to complete the installation.

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    Upon completion of the project we will make sure you understand the operation of your new systems and answer any questions you may have.