Agricultural ServicesPropane systems and solutions for agriculture.

Standby Generators

Propane-powered standby generators provide farmers with an additional layer of security because propane does not degrade over time like gasoline or diesel.

Vehicle Fuel Conversions

Propane-powered light-duty pickups offer farmers an American-made fuel option with lower operating costs and lower emissions than those running on gasoline or diesel.

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Large Volume Green Houses

Propane supplemented greenhouse heating is an extremely reliable source of energy to allow large commercial greenhouses to flourish. With Taylor Gas Companies consistently reliable heating fuel deliveries your commercial green house application will produce all year long.

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    Contact us via phone, email or stop in at our Lexington Park, MD location to discuss all your propane projects. Big or small we would like to help with all your propane related projects.

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    Once we know what you would like to do our team will help you to decide what best fits your budget and time requirements. We will give you solutions.

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    After the planning stage your project will be scheduled and our service professionals will arrive to complete the installation.

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    Upon completion of the project we will make sure you understand the operation of your new systems and answer any questions you may have.