Discover More About Propane For Your Home

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Discover all that propane can do!

If you use propane for home heating, congratulations! You have an efficient, cost-effective fuel for keeping your home warm, safe, and comfortable.

When you heat your home with propane, you get an average efficiency of over 90%. But there are more ways that propane’s efficiency can help you save money on energy costs without giving up a smidgen of comfort.

Propane water heaters heat your water twice as fast as their electric counterparts. If you install a propane tankless water heater, you can cut your water heating costs by more than a third! And when you realize that about 20% of your home’s energy costs are from water heating, you see how big those savings can be.

Propane-powered appliances usually are less expensive to operate than electric appliances, saving you even more money.

But that’s just the beginning of the ways that propane can improve the quality of life in your Southern Maryland home.

Propane Is Versatile

Not only can propane be used for home heating and water heating, it can power propane ranges, fireplaces, space heaters, clothes dryers, grills, generators, outdoor fireplaces, patio and deck heaters, pool and spa heaters, insect traps, and firepits.

Propane Makes Daily Living Better

There’s a reason so many professional and celebrity chefs use gas for cooking: they get better results. With a propane range, you get instant, precise temperature control so your food comes out as you want it. And propane ovens provide a moister heat, meaning that Sunday roast is less likely to be dry.

Do you love laundry day? Yeah, we don’t, either. But the chore of laundry is made easier with a propane clothes dryer. They get your laundry dry 25% faster than comparable electric dryers. Not only that, propane clothes dryers create less wear on your clothes and produce fewer wrinkles, so you don’t have to iron as much!

Grilling is not the only way propane makes your outdoor living great. You can extend swimming season with a propane pool heater. And you don’t have to go inside when there’s a nip in the air, thanks to propane patio and deck heaters, outdoor fireplaces, and firepits. Insect traps let you relax outside without being eaten alive.

Propane Gives You On-Site Energy

You can enjoy cooking all of the efficiency, comfort, and other benefits of propane no matter where you live. You don’t need to live in a neighborhood where there is a natural gas connection. You never have to worry about a broken gas main somewhere else cutting off your gas supply. In power outages, your energy is right there at your home. And a propane generator lets you keep the lights on, the electronics charged, and the food in the fridge and freezer safely cold.

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