Propane Appliances Make Your Outdoors Great

Enjoy Fun In The Sun With Taylor

propane appliances maryland

After this past year, we’re ready to get out and enjoy summer in Southern Maryland.

You can make the most of summer right in your own back yard, with propane outdoor appliances from Taylor that make relaxing, playing, and entertaining even better.

By the way, Taylor not only helps you create your perfect back yard space, but we also supply the propane for it with propane cylinder refills at our Lexington Park offices and showroom.

Create A Dream Outdoor Kitchen

When it comes to propane and outdoor living, grilling is what usually comes first in people’s minds. There’s a good reason for that: Propane can’t be beat when it comes to grilling! It’s fast, clean burning, easy, and lets the flavors of your food shine rather than get overwhelmed with smoke.

Take A Dip In Comfort

Your pool and spa are big investments in fun and relaxation. Propane lets you enjoy them more. That’s because propane pool and spa heaters are much more energy efficient and cost-effective than comparable electric models. For example, the U.S. Department of Energy reports that propane pool heaters have efficiencies as high as 95%. That means for every dollar you spend on propane for heating your pool, 95 cents of that will go directly into heating. Both propane pool and spa heaters get the water warm dramatically faster than electric pool and spa heaters. You get to use your pool and spa more easily and more often.

Enjoy Your Back Yard With Others, Or Solo

Your back yard is where you hang out with friends and connect with family. Propane helps you create spaces to enjoy with them, or by yourself. Propane patio heaters let you dine al fresco even if it gets a bit nippy after sundown. Propane firepits make the perfect spot to roast marshmallows and make s’mores with the kids or gather around with friends over some wine. Propane fireplaces are great to sit around and chat or relax by yourself with a good book and a cold glass of iced tea.

Don’t Get Bugged, Get A Skeeter Vac!

Nothing puts a crimp in enjoying your back yard quite like mosquito bites. Our propane-powered Skeeter Vac mimics human breath to lure mosquitoes into the trap and far away from you.

Come check out our great selection of propane outdoor appliances at our Lexington Park showroom!