How To Lower Your Heating Costs This Winter

Stay Warm While Saving Money!

heating bill savings marylandAs winter closes in here in Southern Maryland, you may be dreading the heating bills to come.

But you don’t have to! First, Taylor offers fair, transparent, competitive pricing for propane delivery.

Second, there are things you do to take more control of your heating costs. These things are easy and let you stay warm and comfortable all winter long.

Get Your Heating System Serviced

If your heating system hasn’t had its annual maintenance inspection, now’s the time to do it!

A inspection by our professional, trained service technicians helps your furnace or boiler run at its peak efficiency. That means it will use the least possible amount of energy to heat your home. A inspection also lets our service technicians get a thorough, close look at your heating system, giving them the opportunity to discover problems and fix them before the reduce your heating system’s efficiency, which increases your heating costs.

Program Your Thermostat Correctly

Do you still have an old-school manual thermostat? Upgrade to a programmable or smart thermostat and you can save big on your heating costs. They are convenient, as you don’t have to remember to adjust your thermostat multiple times a day. Some smart thermostats let you control your heating from your smart phone, and let you know if your heating system needs service.

Programming your thermostat properly can cut your heating costs by up to 10%. Here’s what to do.

Enroll In Our Pricing And Payment Programs

Taylor helps you take control of your heating costs with pricing and payment options you can choose from.

Customers love our Budget Plan because it frees them from higher bills in the winter. Instead, your propane costs are spread out over 12 easy, even monthly payments. You’ll be able to plan your household budget better because you won’t be surprised when you get your statement.

With Pre-Buy, you purchase your propane for the heating season in advance, at an agreed-upon price. Something happens with the markets? Prices spike? No worries because the price set with Pre-Buy is what you pay!

Become a Taylor customer and get reliable propane delivery service!