Why Is Heating Maintenance A Job For The Pros?

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Protect your equipment, your home, and your family with professional heating system service from Taylor!

Your furnace or boiler is an essential piece of equipment and one of the biggest investments in your Southern Maryland home.

It keeps your home warm, safe, and comfortable.

Taking good care of your home’s heating system is critical to making sure that it runs safely and properly.

You do know that an annual maintenance inspection is essential for keeping your furnace or boiler in good running order, right? But some of you may think that you can save a few bucks by doing it yourself.

That’s a bad idea. A really, really, bad idea.

Why is it a bad idea? We have three reasons why you should not make heating maintenance your latest DIY project and instead call in the professional service technicians at Taylor.


Your home’s furnace or boiler is a complex system that has several different components and moving parts. If you make mistakes while attempting to perform maintenance, you can instead create damage that can lead to fires and a buildup of carbon monoxide.

If carbon monoxide builds up in the blood, the oxygen in the red blood cells is replaced by carbon monoxide. If that happens, the brain, heart and lungs are deprived of the oxygen they need to function. Because carbon monoxide is colorless and has no odor, it’s undetectable, which is what makes it so dangerous. Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause serious injury or death to you, your family, and your pets.

Damage Risk

As we mentioned, furnaces and boilers are complex systems. Watching a few DIY videos online or reading a book does not give you anywhere near the knowledge or skills needed to perform proper, safe maintenance.

Trying to do maintenance yourself on your furnace or boiler is, as the old saying goes, penny-wise and pound-foolish. You may save a few dollars by DIYing your inspection. But if you mess it up, you could be paying much, much more than what a inspection would have cost.

The national average cost for repairing a furnace is $295, with boilers averaging $379. Replacement average costs are $4,427 for a furnace and $5,851 for a boiler. Remember, these are national averages. The costs for you could be much higher.

Your Heating System Warranty

If you read the warranty for your furnace or boiler, you’ll likely see that documentation of regular maintenance by a professional service technician is required to keep your warranty in effect.

By attempting a inspection yourself, you could be violating the warranty, which can cost you big in the long run when your warranty is voided.

Taylor Does Tune-ups Right!

By bringing in our service technicians, your furnace or boiler will get a complete, proper inspection.

The Taylor service technicians are trained and experienced. They have the knowledge to thoroughly inspect your furnace or boiler during the inspection, spotting and fixing any problems before they become worse. They also have all the professional tools for the job that you can’t get at the local hardware store.

Contact us today to set up your heating system’s annual inspection!