How Propane Can Improve Your Outdoor Space

outdoor propane maryland

Turn your home into a staycation destination!

Have you been spending more time at home than usual this summer? You’re not alone. Many of your neighbors here in Southern Maryland are, as well.

It’s incentive to make the most of your back yard so you and your family can enjoy it and turn it into a space for friends to gather as well.

That’s where Taylor comes in! We have a wide array of propane outdoor living appliances that can help you get the most out of summer in your back yard. Here’s what you can get from us.

Propane BBQ grills

About 80% of the grills in the United States are powered by propane. And there are lots of good reasons! Propane is easy to use, convenient, clean-burning, and doesn’t involve a lot of work or messy cleanup like grilling with charcoal. We offer top-quality grills in a range of sizes, with features including side burners, smoker boxes, rotisseries, and more!

SkeeterVac propane insect traps

You can’t enjoy the great outdoors when mosquitos are eating you alive. SkeeterVac insect traps run on propane, and lure the mosquitos into the trap so they can’t bite you!

Propane fireplaces and firepits

There’s just something about gathering around a fire that makes people happy. Our attractive fireplaces and firepits are attractive additions to your back yard, and give you a place to come together with family and friends, or just relax on your own after a long day.

Propane pool and patio heaters

When the sun goes down, it can get a little cool. But with propane pool heaters, you can enjoy your pool earlier in the spring and later into the fall. Propane patio heaters let you eat and relax outdoors even if there’s a nip in the air.

You’ll need propane for these outdoor living appliances, and we have you covered! In addition to our safe and reliable propane delivery to your home, you can also refill or exchange your propane cylinders at our Lexington Park showroom.

Contact us to find out more about our great selection of propane outdoor living appliances!