Home Maintenance Tips For Spring

Improve Comfort And Energy Efficiency

home maintenance checklist maryland

With winter in the rearview mirror, we’re ready to open the windows, head outside, and enjoy outdoor living again.

There is still some work to be done to make sure our homes are ready for summer. In addition to the usual spring cleaning, here are some tasks to tackle now so your home will be more comfortable and energy-efficient all spring and summer long.

Efficient Home Maintenance Checklist

Schedule HVAC maintenance

This summer is forecasted to be hotter than normal here in Southern Maryland. Make sure your home’s air conditioning is up to the job by giving it its annual maintenance inspection before you need to turn it on.

Your furnace or boiler worked hard all winter. With an annual inspection now by the trained, experienced service technicians at Taylor, we can spot and fix any problems and have your heating system ready to go at peak efficiency whenever cool weather strikes.

Right now is the ideal time to get your heating and cooling systems their inspection. Most people put off their heating system inspection until the fall, and air conditioning inspections are often not requested until hot weather is in the forecast. Scheduling it now when we have a more flexible schedule gives you a better chance of getting the date and time that best fits your schedule.

Check The Air Filter

When was the last time you changed your HVAC’s air filter? If you can’t remember, you’re reducing your HVAC system’s efficiency and making it more vulnerable to breakdowns. Check your air filters once a month and change as needed.

Clean Up Outside

Before you start your central air conditioning this spring, clean the exterior and space around it. Remove twigs, leaves, litter, and other potential obstructions. Also, clean up around vents.

Check Your Grill

Grilling season is getting close, if not already here for some folks. Take some time now to do a thorough inspection, cleaning, and testing of your propane grill. If your grill is on its last leg, Taylor has a great selection of top-quality propane grills you can choose from to make summer grilling fun. We also have pool and spa heaters, firepits, mosquito traps, and more!

Make your home ready for warmer weather with our great selection of propane outdoor appliances. Get in touch with us to see what we can do for you!