How Propane Can Work On Your Farm

Propane is versatile, clean, and green!

agricultural propane maryland

Southern Maryland has a rich, diverse agriculture industry.

We help feed America with our strong poultry industry, both broiler/meat chickens and layers, as well as other livestock, fruits and vegetables, corn, and our growing aquaculture industry.

Farming is a demanding business, and one where efficiency and cost savings can make a huge difference in a farm’s bottom line. That’s why farmers all over Southern Maryland are turning to propane and using Taylor for their propane delivery and service.

Propane offers several advantages over other energy and fuel sources, whether it’s electricity or gasoline and diesel.

For starters, because your propane supply is right there at your farm, you will always have the fuel you need for your buildings and equipment.

Propane is more cost-effective because it costs less than other fuels. And its clean burning means less wear on your equipment and vehicles, so you have lower maintenance and repair costs and you don’t have to replace them as often.

Propane is remarkably versatile. It can be used to run equipment like irrigation systems, as well as for heating buildings, crop drying, and more.

And because propane is clean-burning, you are doing better for the land, air, and water that sustain your farm. And, unlike gasoline or diesel, won’t cause environmental damage in the rare event of a leak.

Here’s some of what propane can do for your farm.


Whether you have a poultry house, greenhouse, livestock barn, storage barn, or any other outbuilding, propane provides even, reliable heating so the animals are safely warm and plants can grow.

Crop drying

Propane’s high burning temperature makes it a much more efficient way to remove moisture from harvested grains than other fuel sources.

Weed control

With propane-powered flame weed control, you don’t have to use harsh, environment-damaging, unhealthy chemicals to get rid of weeds in your fields. And because propane is nontoxic, you don’t have to wait to get back to work in the field once you’ve used your flame weed killer.


Propane can efficiently run everything from irrigation equipment to forklifts safely, efficiently, and with no heavy exhaust, unlike gasoline and diesel.

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