Is Propane More Green Than Other Fuels?

Discover the environmental advantages propane offers!

propane efficiency marylandAround the country, including right here in Southern Maryland, there is a campaign afoot to force American homes to convert to all electricity for everything including home heating and water heating. This campaign is founded on the false belief that electricity is somehow “cleaner” and more environmentally friendly than propane.

However, this isn’t the case. In the United States, coal-based power plants account for around half of all electricity generated. These power plants produce greenhouse gases, causing acid rain and exacerbating the damage caused by climate change.

Propane, on the other hand, is so clean-burning that it generates essentially no greenhouse gases!

The transmission of electricity is very inefficient. When electricity travels from the power plant to your home via the electrical lines, resistance in the power lines causes energy to be lost. It takes three units of source energy to deliver one unit of electricity into your home. To supply power to our homes, additional coal must be burned, producing more carbon. 

On the other hand, propane is stored in a tank at your property. There is practically no energy loss from the tank to your appliances since it is close by.

Get better energy efficiency with propane

The use of propane in your house for many appliances instead of electricity is also more energy-efficient, allowing you to further decrease your environmental effect. Propane water heaters heat more water faster than electric ones and do it with about 30% less cost. Propane clothes dryers get your laundry dry about 25% faster than comparable electric dryers.
Propane is also more dependable than electricity when it comes to keeping your house warm in the case of a power outage. In the event of a power outage, homes heated by electricity are left chilly. You don’t have to rely on a utility grid for heating, water heating, cooking, and other needs because your propane supply is conveniently located next to your home in your propane tank.

Propane’s superiority to heating oil

Propane’s a much more environmentally friendly choice than heating oil. Energy efficiency is one way. Another way is in greenhouse gas emissions. Propane has dramatically fewer greenhouse gas emissions than heating oil. Even heating oils blended with biofuels create much more greenhouse gases than propane.

Propane is also non-toxic. The ecosystem and groundwater supply might be devastated if a heating oil spill occurs. Heating oil leaks and spills may result in thousands of dollars in cleanup expenses. Propane does not harm the atmosphere, water, soil, plant life, or aquatic life after a leak. It simply dissipates into the air.

Propane: Part of a renewable energy future

The next step in moving toward a zero-carbon future is renewable propane. It is chemically identical to propane. However, it is created from renewable resources such as animal fats, plant oils, biomass, and other triglycerides.

Renewable propane will be able to be utilized by more houses in Southern Maryland as the sector grows, allowing them to make their houses even more ecologically friendly.

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