6 Tips for Winterizing Your Home for Vacation

Make sure your home is safe and secure during your trip

vacation to-do list marylandAfter so many of us had to spend the holidays and winter home last year, we’re aching to get out this season. A survey conducted by Amex Trendex reports that almost half of those surveyed plan on traveling for one of the holidays this year.

Between those travelers, regular winter vacations, and snowbirds making their way to warmer spots like Florida or the Gulf Coast, a lot of people are hitting the road and flying the friendly skies.

Home to-do list before traveling

Before you finish packing, you need to do a few things around the house, so it stays safe while you’re gone during cold weather.

1. Invest in a smart thermostat

Today’s smart thermostats make keeping track of your home’s heating while you’re away a breeze. They employ wireless and cellular technology to allow you to use your smartphone or tablet to keep an eye on and manage your house’s thermostat and heating system from anywhere there is service.

Program your thermostat for a constant setting of 55˚ Fahrenheit while you’re away. Your home will stay safely warm, your pipes will be protected from freezing and bursting, and your heating costs will be much lower.

2. Fill your propane tank

This is especially important if you are going to be away from home from more than a few weeks or for the whole winter. You need to make sure that your home’s propane-fired heating system and water heater have enough propane to keep operating while you’re gone.

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3. Turn down the water heater

There’s no reason to keep the water hot when you’re not home. Turn your water heater to the “Vacation” or “Low” setting. Water heating makes up about 20% of your energy costs, so this can save you a lot of money!

Want to keep saving energy after you get home? Turn your water heater to 120˚ instead of the usual manufacturer’s setting of 140˚.Your water will still be plenty hot for bathing and washing, while the risk of scalding is reduced, and your water heating energy costs are reduced as well.

4. Get a inspection

You may be going on vacation, but your home’s furnace or boiler isn’t getting a break. It needs to keep running smooth to keep your home safely warm so that your plumbing is protected from freezing and bursting.

A professional maintenance inspection by one of the skilled, experienced service technicians at Taylor will make sure that your heating system is running at its peak performance and efficiency, so your heating energy costs will stay low.

5. Disconnect unneeded appliances and electronics

Have you ever heard the phrase “energy vampires?” It refers to appliances and electronics that consume energy even when they aren’t in use, increasing your power bills.

The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most common locations for these energy vampires. Before you go, be sure to unplug small kitchen appliances like multicookers, coffee makers, blenders, stand mixers, and toasters. Unplug all electric toothbrushes and hairstyling equipment from the bathroom as well.

There are several other energy vampires around your home that will needlessly drive up your energy costs while you’re gone. Here are some more to unplug:

6. Keep us in the loop

If you are an Automatic Delivery customer and will be away from home for more than a few weeks, please notify us. This helps us avoid making unneeded items to your home.

Ask a family member, friend, or neighbor to come in and check on your house regularly. Make sure the heating system is working and that the temperature inside of the home is at least 55˚. If they need to get in touch with us, provide us their contact information so we may work with them.

To ensure that our delivery drivers and/or service technicians can get to your home, arrange for the snow or ice on your driveway as well as the path leading to your propane tank to be cleared.

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