Get Your Furnace Or Boiler Ready For Winter With A Maintenance Check

Taylor helps you keep your home safe and warm!

hvac inspection marylandIt’s December, and that means winter is knocking at our front door here in Southern Maryland.

Are you sure your home’s furnace or boiler is ready for another long stretch of work?

You can make sure of that with a maintenance check and inspection by the service technicians at Taylor! If you have not had a maintenance check done on your heating system yet, now is the time to schedule it so you’ll be ready when the holidays arrive.

Why A Heating System Maintenance Check Is So Important

Having an annual maintenance check and inspection on your furnace or boiler is important.

It helps your system stay running at its peak efficiency. You’ll need less propane to keep your home warm and comfortable. Using less energy for heating means lower energy bills!

Fact: Four out of five heating system breakdowns could have been prevented with regular maintenance. These maintenance check-ups give our service technicians the opportunity to catch problems and repair them. That helps prevent breakdowns, no-heat emergencies, and big repair bills.

An annual inspection may be required keep your heating system’s warranty in effect.

Last, but definitely not least, heating systems can leak carbon monoxide (CO) into your home because of things like a cracked heat exchanger. CO poisoning kills more than 400 people and sends about 50,000 people to the emergency room each year. A maintenance inspection can discover problems that can cause CO leaks and fix them, protecting you and your loved ones.

Know When To Repair Or Replace

Annual maintenance checks and inspections help extend the life of your home’s heating system. But nothing lasts forever. Our service technicians are trained and knowledgeable and will give you an honest assessment of the condition of your furnace or boiler.

If the time is coming when you will need to replace your furnace or boiler, they’ll tell you. We offer FREE estimates for installing a new heating system. We install boilers and furnaces from leading makers such as American Standard, Bosch, Luxaire, and Lochinvar. And we can help with financing, too.

Contact us today to schedule your heating system maintenance inspection!