Propane Grilling Safety Tips You Should Know

Keep The Cookout Safe!

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Did you know that July is National Grilling Month? Here in Southern Maryland, we love grilling, whether it’s fresh local seafood, burgers and hot dogs, or a nice, juicy steak.

But don’t let your grilling out be ruined by an accident. We’ve put together some propane safety information so you can grill without worry.

A Clean Grill is a Safer Grill

Keeping your propane BBQ grill clean not only keeps it operating safely, but it also helps the grill function properly, so you have better results.

Here are thorough directions on cleaning your grill.

Make sure to clean your grill at least once a month. The cleaning might have to be done after an especially large cookout because there may be more grease buildup than usual in the grease trap.
Cleaning the grate right after use, and keeping the grill covered when not using it will help to keep your grill clean.

Grilling Safety Best Practices

We have compiled a list of dos and don’ts so that you can enjoy your barbecue grill without the danger.

Safely Handling Propane Cylinders

Make sure you have enough propane for your grill by coming to our Lexington Park headquarters, where we provide safe propane cylinder exchange and refill services.

Once you bring propane cylinders home, store them safely. Place them outdoors and never in a garage, carport, shed or sunporch.

It’s best to store cylinders on a hard surface like concrete so they don’t end up rusting. Put them off the ground and use wood, like a pallet, as a base.

If you have questions about propane safety, please get in touch with us.