My Furnace Keeps Running After It Gets To Temp!

What To Check Before Requesting Service

furnace repair marylandPropane furnaces are great for getting your home warm quickly, and keeping it warm with a comfortable, even heat.

But if it keeps running even after it’s reached the temperature set on the thermostat, that’s a sign of trouble.

Your home could get too warm, making everyone uncomfortable. Your furnace will be wasting energy, sending your heating costs soaring. And there will be more wear and tear on your furnace, which can lead to future breakdowns and expensive repairs, as well as potentially shorten the life expectancy of your furnace.

Before contacting Taylor to request equipment service, do a little checking around your home. You may be able to solve the problem yourself without need a service call! But if you do need service, our trained, professional service technicians will be there promptly.

Check Your Thermostat

If you have your thermostat set to a high temperature, like in the upper 70s or into the 80s, your furnace going to have to run longer to reach and maintain that temperature.

The United States Department of Energy recommends setting your thermostat for 68˚ Fahrenheit when you’re home and awake for the right combination of comfort and efficiency. To help save more on your heating costs, turn the thermostat down 7˚ – 10˚ when you’re away from home or sleeping.

Check Your Air Filter

Have you been busy through the holidays? Checking your furnace’s air filter may have slipped off your to-do list. If it has been more than a month since you checked, or you can’t remember when you last checked, do it now. When your air filter is clogged, air flow is reduced through your heating system. Heated air isn’t reaching your living spaces, which causes your furnace to cycle on more often and work longer while it’s on. Check the air filter once a month (more frequently if you have pets or if someone in your home has a respiratory condition). Change as needed.

Check Your Blower Motor

While your furnace is running, go around your home and feel the air coming out of the vents. If the air is warm, both the furnace and the blower are running. But if the air is cool or cold, only the blower is running. If that’s the case, go back to your thermostat. If it is set to “on” and not “auto,” switch it to “auto” to see if this solves the problem.

But if nothing changes, the thermostat may be the problem. There may be a wiring problem, or worn-out batteries. Replace the batteries. If that doesn’t work, you may need a new thermostat. This is a great time to upgrade to a programmable or smart thermostat that helps keep your home comfortable while giving you better control your heating costs!

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