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HVAC Service in St. Mary’s County, MD

Trust Taylor with your heating and cooling!

For more than 60 years, Taylor has been providing expert service of propane equipment to homes in Southern Maryland. We help keep your home safe and comfortable while making it as energy efficient as possible.

hvac services in st. mary's county

Taylor sells, installs, maintains and repairs the following HVAC and comfort equipment:

Furnaces and boilers. When winter cold descends, your home will stay warm and cozy with our high-efficiency heating systems.

Central air conditioning. Enjoy the comfort of a cool home all summer long.

Ductless mini-splits. Don’t have ductwork in your home? You can still keep cool with more comfort and better efficiency than you would with clunky window units.

Water heaters. Propane water heaters get more water hot than electric water heaters in the same amount of time. For maximum energy efficiency, we offer propane tankless water heaters that can cut your water-heating energy costs almost in half!

Fireplaces. Get all the cozy comfort of a fire in the fireplace with none of the work, smoke or mess.

Propane whole-house backup generators. When the power goes out, a Generac propane whole-house backup generator keeps the lights on, the security system running, the food safely cold or frozen, electronics charged, and medical equipment like electric wheelchairs operating.

Outdoor-living propane appliances. Make your backyard a wonderful place to relax or to gather with family and friends by adding propane grills, fireplaces, deck and patio heaters, firepits and insect traps.

Taylor can also help you to secure fair, affordable financing.

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NOTE: For emergency delivery or service, DO NOT contact us online. Call us at 800-928-5089.

St. Mary’s County: Where Maryland began

The settlement of Lord Baltimore’s Maryland started here in St. Mary’s County, when two ships, the Ark and the Dove, arrived on St. Clement’s Island in the Potomac River on March 25, 1634, bringing passengers from England.

St. Mary’s County was the site of the first Catholic Mass held in the thirteen colonies and was also the location of the first state capitol before it was moved to Annapolis, in 1695.

This rich history makes St. Mary’s County one of the most popular sites in the United States for archaeology.

Notable St. Mary’s County residents and natives include:

What do your neighbors think about Taylor?

“Taylor put in our gas line for a new gas stove and a tankless hot water heater. Taylor rocked it! They were prompt, in budget and friendly. They changed my life by ensuring I never take a cold shower even if I shower after all four of my children. Also, they put my home on wireless propane-tank monitoring. They keep track, so I never run out of propane in the house. If you are looking for a company in St. Mary’s County to do any of your gas work, they are the best! They are a St. Mary’s County family-run and owned business for St. Mary’s County families. I recommend you give them a shot.” – Michelle R.

“Been a customer for 20 years, ever since my builder recommended Taylor. I’m glad he did. On two occasions my propane fireplace needed repair, and the service was excellent. Propane delivery has always been reliable and timely.” – Joe L.