Mini Splits

Ductless Mini-Split Installation and Service in Southern Maryland

A ductless air conditioning solution for your home!

mini split installation for southern Maryland

Have you been suffering through insufficient air conditioning in the blistering days of summer because you’re relying on window units?

Window A/C units are noisy, energy inefficient, and a security risk. They can’t provide adequate cooling, they block sunlight, and they let in bugs, pollen, dirt, and dust. Many people assume that long-term, efficient A/C is unavailable to them just because they don’t have ductwork in their homes.

Taylor has a cooling solution that doesn’t require ducts or vents and offers superior home comfort all summer long — ductless mini-split systems.

These products provide the same comprehensive cooling as central A/C, but they require only a fraction of the installation time. Mini-splits are a fantastic home comfort solution, and the Taylor team is ready to identify a product that works with your space and budget.

Mini-split installation for your Southern Maryland home

Our technicians have the certifications and experience to install your ductless system quickly and correctly. Installing a mini-split is much faster than a full central A/C installation. The process can take less than a day and involves minimal drilling.

A full-home system may take a little longer, depending on how many units need to be installed. But the results are unbeatable! Our customers rave about the zoned cooling their ductless systems provide, which allows them to keep different rooms at different temperatures.

Taylor services and repairs ductless mini-splits too!

If you maintain a ductless air conditioning system correctly, it will easily last longer than 15 years — sometimes as long as 30 years! Even better, regular service from a professional HVAC technician keeps your equipment running at peak efficiency. You and your loved ones will stay cool and comfortable while it’s sweltering outside, plus you’ll use less energy and save money every month.

Taylor’s technicians are ready and on call. We can service and clean your ductless systems annually. And if you should have an unexpected breakdown, we’re here to help — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You won’t get that dedication and commitment from a national corporation. But Taylor has deep roots in St. Mary’s County, Calvert County, Charles County, and Prince George’s County. We’ve served this region for more than 70 years!

Frequently asked questions about ductless mini-split systems

mini split equipment installation

Q: How do mini-split systems keep you cool?
A: With a mini-split system, you’ll have multiple air handlers positioned throughout your home to cool your rooms. They connect to an outdoor compressor, which draws warm air from inside your home. This air is cooled and pumped back in. The air handlers have the potential to work independently to create different temperature zones in your home.

Q: How much room does a mini-split air conditioning system take up?
A: The air handlers in your home are quite compact. You can position them out of sight, unlike window units, which block your view.

Q: Are mini-split systems more expensive than central A/C?
A: The up-front cost of a mini-split system is often more expensive than central A/C equipment, but the air handlers use less energy to operate, particularly if you turn them off in rooms you’re not occupying.

Q: Are ductless mini-splits loud?
A: Pretty much across the board, ductless mini-splits run quieter than central A/C equipment.

Q: How do you control a mini-split system?
A: Generally, mini-split air handlers are controlled with a remote. However, many ductless products also connect to smart home systems that you can control from a phone or a central wall screen.

Ready to take advantage of the efficient, dependable air conditioning of a ductless mini-split system? Contact Taylor today for more information.