Propane and Gas Fireplaces in Southern Maryland

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A warm, glowing fire gives you the perfect place to relax when you come home on a cold, raw day.

But if you have a wood-burning fireplace, there’s work to be done before you can settle down in front of it. You have to bring in the wood, build the fire and wait for it to get going before you get to unwind and maybe enjoy a glass of wine.

Your work isn’t done, though. Once the fire’s out, you have a messy cleanup of ashes and soot.

With a propane fireplace and other hearth products from Taylor, you can skip all of that and get comfort with the flip of a switch or the push of a button!

Quality fireplaces and hearth products

If you want heat without the hassle, you have lots of choices of propane or gas fireplaces and hearths.

For example, if you have an existing masonry fireplace, you can choose a fireplace insert. Freestanding propane fireplaces and stoves give you the freedom to have that cozy comfort in your master bedroom, family room, or anywhere in the house you want it.

Taylor offers fireplaces, freestanding stoves, gas logs and other hearth products in a variety of styles, from colonial to contemporary, from top manufacturers such as Monessen, White Mountain Hearth, IronStrike, Napoleon and Majestic. Come by our Lexington Park showroom to see them!

How much propane does a fireplace use?

A propane fireplace uses about one gallon of propane per 100,000 Btu’s. For example, if your propane fireplace is rated 50,000 Btu’s and you use your fireplace for two hours, you’ll be using approximately one gallon of propane.

When you think about the expense and labor that goes into a wood fireplace, propane is a much better deal—especially when you have safe, reliable propane delivery from Taylor! We can also install a propane tank for your fireplace.

When you’re looking for a propane fireplace or hearth for your home, give Taylor a call!