Is Ductless Air Conditioning Right for Your Home?

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ductless ac St. Mary’s county, md It’s summertime in Southern Maryland, so it’s important to consider how you’ll keep your home cool and comfy.

Your home likely does not have the ductwork in your home required for central air conditioning if you use a boiler for home heating. Keep in mind that installing ductwork for central A/C might significantly increase the overall cost of the project by thousands of dollars.

Until recently, homeowners without ductwork had two unsatisfactory options. They could either pay a significant amount for installing ductwork and central air conditioning or stick with cheaper but less efficient window air conditioning units.

Taylor offers a superior alternative to the two options with their ductless mini-split installation and service!

How ductless mini-splits work

The ductless mini-split system is made up of two parts, namely the outdoor compressor unit and the indoor air handler or the evaporator. These two components are linked by tubing that includes power lines, communications lines, and condensate drain lines.

The compressor is responsible for compressing the refrigerant vapor, making it easier to move into the condenser. Once in the condenser, the gas releases heat into the air and becomes a liquid. From there, it goes through an expansion valve, which drastically reduces the pressure, before entering the evaporator coil. The evaporator coil absorbs heat from the low-pressure coolants, while the indoor air passes over it. This process cools the air, which then exits the supply registers and cools your home.

Advantages of ductless mini-splits

There are several advantages of using ductless mini-splits for cooling your home, and cost-effectiveness is just one of them. Unlike central air conditioners, these systems do not require ductwork installation.

Get fast installation – Ductless mini-splits usually take less than a day to install, whereas central A/C installation with ductwork can be a messy process that could take several days.

Zone your cooling – Did you know that cooling your entire house when you’re only using part of it can waste energy and money, driving up your energy bills? By using ductless mini-splits, you can achieve zoned cooling and save on your energy bills without compromising your comfort.

Expand your cooled space – Ductless mini-splits can provide cooling (and heating!) to areas other than the main living spaces in your home, such as workshops, garages, guest houses, pool houses, gardening sheds, over-the-garage apartments, she-sheds, and other accessory dwelling units.

Supplement your central A/C – Did make any additions to your home, like a finished attic or a home addition, after installing your central air conditioning? If yes, consider installing a ductless mini-split to cool those spaces and decrease the workload on your central A/C.

Get a longer life expectancy – Mini-split systems can last for more than 20 years with regular maintenance, whereas central A/C equipment usually has a shorter lifespan.

Disadvantages of window air conditioning units

Every year, homeowners who use window air conditioning units face a difficult decision. They have to choose between leaving the units installed during winter, which may result in heat loss, or removing them and storing them safely. Removing the units yourself can be a challenging and dangerous task, especially if your windows are above the ground floor. Hiring someone to do it for you could cost you hundreds of dollars each year.

Window A/C units aren’t the best choice for a few reasons. They are inefficient and can’t cool larger spaces effectively. They are also noisy and may provide an easy entry point for burglars if they’re installed on the ground floor. Additionally, they obstruct light and allow bugs, pollen, dust, and dirt from outside to enter your home.

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