Signs Your Home’s Air Conditioner Needs Servicing

Make Sure Your A/C Can Keep Your Home Cool

home cooling service marylandThis summer has given air conditioners in Southern Maryland a good workout. Did you get your annual air conditioning maintenance inspection sometime between last fall and now? Then your A/C is probably in good shape to get through the rest of the summer. But if you skipped the inspection you may face trouble, especially if you have an older air conditioner.

If you see any of these signs below, contact us for a service call. Our trained, experienced service technicians will carefully look over your air conditioning system, expertly diagnose the problem, and give you honest advice about the next step, whether it’s repair or replace.

The A/C Is Blowing Warm Air or Not Enough Air

If the air coming from your vents isn’t cool, it could be a sign that your A/C is low on refrigerant or has a problem compressor. If there’s not enough air flowing from your vents, it may also mean you have a compressor problem –or else have duct leaks in need of repair. These are not problems that you should try to fix yourself. Contact us for a service call.

The A/C Cycles on and off Frequently

If your air conditioner runs for short lengths of time before it shuts off, it may be either too large or too small to cool your home properly and efficiently. There may also be a problem with the thermostat

Strange Sounds or Smells Are Coming From the Air Conditioner

Listen for grinding, scraping, and squealing – these sounds usually indicate a worn down or loose part somewhere in your system. Pay attention for burning or musty smells respectively which could indicate electrical or mold problems.

There Is Fluid Near the Air Conditioner

The liquid around your A/C unit may signal a serious problem – for example, a refrigerant leak or a problem with excess condensation.

Your Energy Bills Are Inexplicably Rising

A high energy bill can result from a variety of problems with your home’s A/C. These include leaks, broken equipment, and more. We’ll work with you to identify the problem and find a solution.

Your Air Conditioner Needs More Frequent Repairs

If you’ve had to have your A/C repaired each year, it may be time for an upgrade. Replacing your old equipment with energy-efficient models will prevent those frequent repairs and lower your energy costs. A good rule is that if repairs cost more than half the cost of replacement, it’s time for a replacement.

Your Air Conditioner Is Old

The average lifespan of a central air conditioner is 12-15 years. Towards the end of its life, if it hasn’t been properly maintained, it will operate at much lower energy efficiency. Investing in a new high-efficiency cooling system will often pay for itself within just a few years with lower energy costs while your comfort is improved.

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