7 Benefits of Converting Home to Propane

Enjoy comfort and efficiency with Taylor!

propane home uses marylandIf you’re using electricity for home heating, water heating, cooking, and other appliances in your Southern Maryland home, you’re missing out on all that propane can do!

Here are six ways that propane is better than electricity for providing comfort, energy efficiency, and more. You can get all of them with reliable propane delivery, propane tank installation, and propane appliance installation and service from Taylor.


Propane offers far more BTUs per dollar than electricity. That means you can use less energy to heat your home, water, cook food, and generate heat than with any other energy source. Propane’s efficiency can help you save big on your home’s energy costs year-round!

Better results

A propane range makes cooking more convenient. You get excellent, flavorful food thanks to precise, immediate temperature control. Propane ovens also produce a moist heat, so you’ll have a juicier turkey on Thanksgiving!

With a propane clothes dryer, laundry day is much easier. A propane dryer dries your laundry 25% faster than an equivalent electric dryer. Not only that, propane dryers cause less wear on your clothing and generate fewer wrinkles—meaning you’ll need to iron less often.


Propane does so much more than simply power your home’s furnace or boiler. It can provide power for all sorts of things around your home such as fireplaces and fireplace inserts, space heating, grills, pool and spa heating, firepits, and a variety of other outdoor applications. If you use propane cylinders for your grill or other outdoor appliances, you can get fast and easy refills at our showroom at 21434 Great Mills Road in Lexington Park.

Environmental friendliness

Did you know that coal-fired power plants account for half of all electricity consumed in the United States? Consider all of the pollution generated by coal as it is burned to create electricity. Propane is a clean-burning fuel, so when it’s used to power appliances or motor vehicles, it produces very few greenhouse gas emissions. Using propane can dramatically shrink your carbon footprint!


Propane furnaces and boilers heat your home faster than comparable electric heating systems. Propane can heat up to 140˚ Fahrenheit, whereas electric heating systems are limited to 100˚. Using propane for home heating means that your home will be warmer and more comfortable thanks to propane.


During power outages, propane can ensure that your house is safe, warm, and comfortable. A propane whole-house backup generator is a dependable, safe method to keep the electricity on in your home for lights, refrigerators, electronics, and medical equipment.


You always have the propane you require to enjoy all of this with your propane tank, expertly installed by Taylor at your home. You’re not subject to the insecure infrastructure of an electric or natural gas utility, and their frequent outages.

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