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water heater service hollywood, md Making an informed choice when selecting a water heater can have substantial effects on your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

Investing a bit of time to choose the ideal water heater could potentially save you hundreds of dollars yearly. After all, it’s responsible for about 20% of our energy costs! Knowing that, wouldn’t it be wise to make sure you select the most cost-effective one?

If your home’s water heater is nearing the end of its life expectancy, don’t hesitate to reach out to Taylor and start prepping for a replacement. Don’t wait until it’s too late to replace your water heater. Not only will you be rushed into making an important decision while stressed, but you may also have to handle the headaches and costs that come with dealing with any resulting water damage if, unfortunately, the tank fails.

The most pervasive cause of water heater breakdown is the corrosion inside the tank from sediment buildup.

Water heaters and their life expectancy

The average lifespan of a traditional storage water heater with a tank is approximately 8 to 10 years, but the life expectancy can vary depending on how well it was maintained.

If you don’t know how old your water heater is, here’s how to find out:

Look for the water heater’s serial number., which is located at or near the top of the unit. It will start with a letter followed by a series of numbers. The letter indicates the month in which it was manufactured (“A” for January, “B” for February, etc.), with the immediately following numbers being the year. So, if your water heater’s serial number starts with “C14,” the “C” is for March, and the “14” is for 2014, your water heater was manufactured in March of 2014.

Whether it’s age or other factors, when your water heater is displaying any of the following issues, don’t hesitate to contact Taylor for service so we can help you start the replacement process.

Upgrade to a tankless water heater!

By choosing a propane tankless model for your water heater replacement, you’ll make a smart investment in your home and its value.

If you’re trying to reduce your monthly energy bills without sacrificing comfort, investing in a propane tankless water heater is the perfect solution. This option is not only a cost-effective solution, but by selecting it, you are also doing your bit to reduce environmental impact.

A regular storage water heater with a tank is not the most energy-efficient option, as it continually reheats the same quantity of hot water to provide you with consistent access to hot water. This method uses more energy and drives up your energy costs.

Unlike traditional water heaters, tankless versions operate on demand – heating water only when you need it, and for as long as you need it. This makes for considerable energy savings!

Get in touch with Taylor to get started on upgrading to a new, high-efficiency propane water heater!

Take an item off your to-do list for next fall

spring tune-up maryland As spring approaches in Southern Maryland, we can’t help but anticipate the moment when our home’s heating system will no longer be necessary and we can give it its annual summer vacation.

That makes now the perfect time for you to get your heating system in top shape with Taylor’s annual tune-up service!

We can imagine your puzzlement. “Why would I need an HVAC tune-up when winter is ending and I won’t be using my heating system again until next fall?” you may ask.

Scheduling an early spring tune-up for your home’s furnace or boiler offers numerous advantages that make it worth considering.

Late-season tune-ups offer many benefits

During this part of the year in the HVAC industry, we refer to it as “shoulder season,” since there is a dip in service calls regarding furnaces or boilers while air conditioning season has yet to kick off. Our service department is offering more openings and flexible scheduling to make sure your heating system tune-up can be done at a time convenient for you. Plus, any issues that come up during the inspection will likely be handled promptly!

Taking advantage of a tune-up on your boiler or furnace now will not only save you the hassle and stress of booking one during peak season, but it also guarantees that it will be functional when cold weather returns. By keeping up with regular maintenance in advance, you can rest assured that even unexpected cold snaps won’t catch you off guard this fall!

Why are HVAC tune-ups important?

Taking advantage of regular, professional servicing for your heating system is a smart move. Here are some benefits you’ll appreciate!

Prevent breakdowns. More than 80% of heating system repair jobs can be prevented with professional maintenance, making it a wise and cost-effective measure to maintain your furnace or boiler. Let Taylor’s experienced service technicians help you avoid costly repair bills with a comprehensive tune-up of your heating system. Not only will they provide necessary maintenance, but also perform an extensive inspection to identify and fix small issues before they become major problems.

Cut your energy costs. By properly maintaining your heating system, you can experience the utmost comfort in your home while conserving energy. This not only helps to maximize efficiency and performance but also keeps more money in your pocket as winter heating bills are reduced significantly!

Protect your investment. Your heating system is a significant investment in your home and its coziness, so taking appropriate maintenance should be of utmost importance. Not only will this make your heating system more efficiently but also decrease the likelihood of breakdowns, helping it to last longer. Investing effort into upkeep today could help you get the most out of your machine while avoiding an early replacement.

Protect the warranty. To ensure that your heating system’s warranty is still in effect, many manufacturers require you to get a professional tune-up annually. Consistent maintenance prevents having to pay for costly repairs due to a voided warranty – saving you from an unfortunate financial burden. Make sure that your investments are protected and keep up with regular maintenance!

Contact Taylor today to schedule your heating system tune-up!

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heating installation maryland Are you looking for a new heating system for your Southern Maryland home?

It’s always a good idea to begin planning to upgrade your heating system before you need it. That way, you can do your research and be confident in your decision rather than being rushed because your furnace or boiler failed.

Whatever the reason you’re looking to replace your heating system, you can trust the trained, experienced service technicians to provide expert boiler and Soutfurnace installation, along with maintenance and repairs to help keep it running smoothly.

Boiler and furnace installation process

Heating systems are not one-size-fits-all. That’s why installing a new heating system in your home begins with getting an estimate for the work. One of our service technicians will go over your home and what you need for heating. For example, you may have built a home addition or added finished space in your home in the attic or basement. In that case, you’ll need a more powerful furnace or boiler to manage the increased demand. They’ll also inspect where the heating system will be installed and determine whether other work such as ductwork repair needs to be done.

Most heating system installations can be performed in one to two days. Once the installation is complete, we’ll do a thorough testing of it and go over things with you to make sure everything is done to your satisfaction.

Signs you need a new heating system

In many cases, repairing your furnace or boiler is the most sensible option. When your heating system is seven years old or younger, repairs are likely to be much simpler and less expensive than a full replacement. If you’re contemplating a move in the near future, repairs may be a more suitable solution than investing in an entirely new heating system. Depending on your budget, sometimes it just isn’t feasible to purchase and install something brand-new.

Reasons to consider replacement

The age of your heating system. If your furnace or boiler is a decade old, it may be better to consider replacing it. A poorly maintained heating system can quickly break down and leave you without warmth during the harshest winter months.

Increasing repair bills. As your boiler and furnace age, the need for repairs becomes more frequent and expensive. Neglecting proper furnace maintenance increases the probability of this happening quickly. Continuing to invest in repairs for your heating system will ultimately prove to be a bad decision. A good rule is that if your furnace repairs are costing half (or more) of what it would cost to replace it, replacing is a better long-term investment in your comfort, your energy costs, and your home’s value.

Your heating system’s efficiency. As furnaces and boilers age, their efficiency declines dramatically – especially if they are not serviced regularly. The efficiency of your heating system might be as low as 60%. That means for every dollar you spend on propane or heating oil, only 60 cents of it goes toward heating your home. The other 40 cents are wasted. Installing a new heating system has numerous benefits, most notably the energy efficiency rating of up to 98%. From day one you’ll start saving money on your heating bills, enabling you to enjoy these lower costs for many years.

If you need a new furnace or boiler installed, get a FREE estimate from Taylor!

Taylor is here for you with expert heating system maintenance and repairs

heating service maryland While we had some warmer weather last month, temperatures have been dipping here in Southern Maryland. That means your home’s heating system will be working a bit harder to keep your home comfortable.

Have you gotten your annual boiler or furnace service? If not, there’s no better time than the present to have the expert service technicians at Taylor perform a maintenance tune-up.

Benefits of heating system maintenance

Taking advantage of a professional service technician to tune up your furnace or boiler every year is worthwhile for several reasons.

Prevent breakdowns. Are you aware that routine maintenance on your heating system can help avoid costly repair bills? In fact, four out of five repair service calls we make could have been avoided. By having our team do a tune-up of your furnace or boiler, you’re not only ensuring consistent performance but also giving us the chance to conduct an extensive inspection. By recognizing potential problems early, we can prevent them from becoming larger issues that might lead to a sudden breakdown or expensive repairs.

Keep your heating system energy efficient. Routine maintenance of your boiler or furnace conducted by a professional will ensure it is running at its highest energy efficiency possible. By optimizing your heating system, you could easily save up to 10% on your heating energy costs. Did you know that heating and cooling can amount to nearly half of your home’s energy costs? You can see how much the savings from keeping your furnace or boiler running at peak efficiency could be.

Keep your heating system longer. By taking the time to properly maintain your heating system, you can extend its life expectancy and get a greater return on your investment by not having to replace it prematurely.

Maintain the warranty. In order to keep your warranty valid, it is essential to have professional servicing of your heating system performed every year as required by most manufacturers. Without the tune-ups, you may be responsible for future expensive repairs because of a voided warranty. 

Repair or replace your heating system?

Even with regular maintenance, all good things must come to an end and that includes your home’s boiler or furnace. If your heating system is getting on in years, our service technicians will give you an honest assessment. If you decide it’s time to replace, we offer a FREE estimate.

Here are some factors to think about when making this decision.

Repair costs. If your heating system requires costly repairs that exceed 50% of the cost to replace it, then replacing your furnace or boiler may be a more sensible financial decision.

Performance. Is your furnace or boiler not performing well in keeping your home warm? Let us know, and we will thoroughly inspect your heating system and determine whether repairs or a replacement is the best solution.

Energy costs. When you notice your heating bills rising but repairs won’t make a worthwhile impact, it’s time to consider installing a new furnace or boiler.

Future plans. If you’re planning to retire or relocate within the coming years, investing in a new heating system could be a wise decision. Not only will you enjoy the energy efficiency and savings, but it can make your home more desirable for potential buyers when it’s time to sell. If retirement is in your near future and you plan on staying where you are, a new furnace or boiler will give you better energy efficiency and lower energy costs. You also won’t have to worry about replacing it soon after moving to a fixed income. 

If you have not had a tune-up done on your heating system yet, it’s not too late! Contact Taylor today to make the appointment.

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bulk propane maryland There have been a lot of curveballs thrown at Southern Maryland businesses in recent years. First, it was the global COVID-19 pandemic, followed by the energy crisis that reverberated around the world with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, along with inflation and rising interest rates.

With all that, business owners are looking for ways to keep costs down. Taylor can help with that, offering dependable commercial propane services and competitive, transparent pricing. We set up a customized bulk propane delivery schedule for your business and offer expert propane tank installation and leasing.

Here are some of the ways propane can help businesses here in Southern Maryland keep costs under control while offering opportunities for growth.

Commercial uses for propane

Propane’s energy efficiency and versatility make it an energy source that can be used in many ways in many types of businesses. Here are some of them.

Hospitality. Propane does so much in hospitality. It powers ranges, cooktops, ovens, broilers, grills, warming trays, and more in restaurants and commercial kitchens, giving chefs the benefits of gas cooking without the need for a natural gas utility. It also offers high-efficiency water heating, laundry drying, space heating, and more for hotels, inns, resorts, events centers, and golf courses.

Warehouses and distribution centers. When it comes to moving materials, propane forklifts can do it all! Because propane is clean-burning, it can be used indoors where gasoline-powered forklifts cannot. It takes less than five minutes to refuel a propane forklift, while electric forklifts can be sidelined for eight hours or longer for recharging.

Landscaping. Propane commercial mowers and other landscaping equipment are safer, as they do not create exhaust workers breath in. They also are easier to refuel and eliminate the risk of fuel spills. Trucks powered by propane autogas are efficient while reducing maintenance and repair costs.

Construction. Propane is used on construction sites for temporary heating, climate control, generators to charge cordless tools, ground thawing, and more.

Health care. Hospitals, health care facilities, nursing homes, rehab centers, and assisted living facilities rely on having power to treat patients and use technology to access patient data, as well as to operate essential medical equipment such as monitors and breathing equipment like oxygen machines and CPAPs. Propane standby generators provide that power when the electricity goes out. It’s efficient and more reliable than diesel.

Bulk propane for farming

Propane is an outstanding energy source for the wide array of farms here in Southern Maryland. That’s because propane can do so much! Here are some of the advantages it offers to local farmers.

Our bulk propane services allow your farm to be more efficient cutting fuel and energy costs.

Are you ready for commercial propane services from a local company you can trust? Get in touch with Taylor today for a consultation!

Help us make sure you get the propane you need!

propane delivery maryland Although shoveling your driveway and walkways after a winter storm isn’t exactly the most enjoyable task, it is something that must be done.

If our Taylor delivery truck drivers are unable to safely drive down your driveway or access your propane tank, we unfortunately will not be able to provide you with a much-needed propane delivery.

This is why we kindly ask that customers clear their driveways to at least a 10-foot width in order for our delivery trucks to safely navigate your driveway.

If your driveway is sloped, sanding or salting it helps us get down it as our trucks are heavier than the common vehicles using your drive.

To ensure that you and your family will always have access to propane, we also need a pathway at least one foot wide between your driveway and the tank’s location. If you plan on hiring assistance for snow removal, make sure they are aware of the tank location so the path won’t be blocked by large piles of snow.

Place a tall pole topped with a bright-colored flag or large ribbon alongside your propane tank or fill line to help our delivery driver locate where they need to go after a heavy snowfall.

To guarantee your deliveries are made on time, please organize for snow and ice removal prior to departing for vacation this winter in case a delivery is necessary while you’re away.

Keep your propane tank safe

To protect your propane tank from damage, use a broom after each snowfall to sweep away the accumulation of snow. Never attempt to clear it with a shovel as this might cause harm to the tank or its components.

Allow no lingering snow on top of the tank! Heavy snowfall can cause immense pressure on your propane tank’s valves and connectors, which could result in cracks or even misalignments. This can lead to a hazardous gas leak that is made worse if the amount of snow blocks escaping propane from dispersing, leading to a potentially dangerous accumulation of propane gas.

As the weather gets cooler, propane starts to shrink and the pressure in your tank may lower so that it cannot reach your home’s gas burners. That is why it is essential to clear away any snow covering on top of the tank as sunlight can warm up the propane inside, keeping it at a good, safe level of pressure. Snow kept on the tank can prevent that warming, putting you at risk of your propane not being able to leave the tank and heat your home.

Keep Taylor informed

We understand that you want to get away from wicked winter weather. However, if you are an Automatic Delivery customer and plan to be away from home for more than a few weeks, please let Taylor know. This request is because our calculations for when to schedule a delivery to your home are based in no small part on your propane usage history this time of year. Informing us that you’ll be away will likely prevent an unnecessary propane delivery to your home.

With our wireless propane tank monitoring system, that worry is gone because you know that we will provide a 24/7 watch on your supply of propane.

Become a Taylor customer and get the most dependable propane delivery and service in Southern Maryland!

Which fireplace is right for your home?

gas fireplace maryland Many homes here in Southern Maryland have fireplaces, whether you live in an 18th-century Georgian home, a mid-century split-level, or one of today’s Modern Farmhouse style homes.

When winter is in full swing, there’s nothing more relaxing than curling up near a fire in the fireplace.

Although, the work that goes into making that happen is definitely not fun. You have to carry the wood inside, build the fire, and then wait for it to actually start producing heat. Only then can you finally relax.

Once the fire has died down, you have a mess of ashes to clear out. 

There is an alternative to all that work and mess. Have Taylor install a propane gas fireplace and gas logs in your home! We sell, install, and service top-quality propane gas fireplaces from top makers including White Mountain Hearth, Majestic, Monessen, Napoleon, and IronStrike. We also offer a wide selection of attractive gas logs that will properly fit your fireplace.

Come to our Lexington Park showroom and we’ll help you find the right fireplace that fits your style and your budget.

With our reliable propane delivery and FREE wireless propane tank monitoring, your new propane fireplace will keep you comfy and cozy no matter what Old Man Winter throws at us!

What makes a propane fireplace better than a wood-burning one? Many things!

Have a fireplace anywhere you want it.

Would you like to install a fireplace, but don’t have an existing one and don’t want the expense of building one? A propane fireplace is ideal in this situation! Not only are they more affordable, but they can be placed in any room. For example, if you want to add some romance to your bedroom or make your family room cozier for winter gatherings, a propane fireplace would suit those needs perfectly!

If you already have an existing masonry fireplace, a propane fireplace insert and gas logs can quickly be installed there.

Have a fire without the work

A propane fireplace is easy to use. All you have to do is push a button, and you’ll have a fire. You can have your fire whenever you want it, and it will last as long as you want it. When you’re done, simply turn it off – no cleaning up ashes or soot afterwards!

Propane fireplaces: Better for you and the environment

When you burn wood, it creates about 28 pounds of particulate emissions that cause smog for every million BTUs (MMBTus) of heat output. Propane produces less than 1% of those emissions, so using propane reduces your carbon footprint!

Wood smoke might smell fragrant, but it is terrible for your health. Wood smoke contains small particles that can raise your risk of having a heart attack, respiratory difficulties, and other health problems. Fortunately, propane burns cleanly so you can avoid those risks.

From expert propane fireplace and gas log installation to dependable propane delivery, Taylor makes sure you can enjoy the benefits of a propane fireplace in your home. Contact us today for your FREE estimate!

Taylor is your complete furnace specialist!

furnace service maryland At Taylor, we have a team of highly trained and experienced service technicians who can help you with all your furnace installation, maintenance, and repair needs.

With our propane delivery services, including our Automatic Delivery and wireless propane tank monitoring, you’ll never have to worry about your furnace running out of fuel in the middle of winter. We’ll make sure it always has enough to keep your home warm and comfortable throughout the season.

What do you really know about your furnace? Get to know it better with these commonly asked questions.

What is a furnace and how does it heat my home?

Furnaces are appliances that create and circulate warm air to heat your home. The first instance of a central heating system was during ancient Rome and was called a hypocaust. back then, it was used for heating baths and other public buildings. Over time, the use of hypocausts became more prevalent throughout Europe and in Africa as it evolved into somewhat of a status symbol for the wealthy. Over time, however, the hypocaust fell out of use because of the risk of fire or suffocation they posed.

Although furnaces are some of the oldest types of heating systems, they’re still widely used today. In 1919, Alice Parker invented and patented the modern central heating system, which gave rise to the furnace systems we use now. Furnaces were once powered by coal and wood, but now they use propane, heating oil, natural gas or electricity.
When the temperature indoors falls below the desired setting on your thermostat, your furnace will automatically turn on.

The burner is where your fuel is combusted. The heat exchanger is where the burning fuel warms the air coming into the furnace from the vent. The blower fan spreads that air around your home using your ductwork.

How do I take care of my furnace?

We highly recommend getting an annual maintenance tune-up for your furnace from our skilled service technicians. We will clean and tune up every component of your furnace to ensure that it is running at its best efficiency, which helps save you money on energy costs. A tune-up also allows us to spot any potential problems and fix them before they become worse and lead to costly repairs.

Another way to keep your furnace running smoothly is by regularly changing the air filter. A dirty or clogged air filter can reduce your furnace’s efficiency and even lead to damage of parts in the furnace. To avoid this, check your filter at least once a month and change it as needed.

How long do furnaces last?

The typical furnace lasts 10-15 years, but with consistent professional maintenance from the trained and skilled Taylor service technicians, you can help increase its life expectancy.

At some point, though, you will need to get a new furnace. With time, old furnaces usually become less efficient, especially if they haven’t been taken care of correctly. A new furnace will start paying for itself through lower energy costs as soon as it’s installed. If you’re debating whether to repair or replace your current furnace and the furnace repairs would cost more than half the price of a replacement, choosing the latter option is better from a financial standpoint.

Be ready for winter by getting your home’s furnace tuned up by the experts at Taylor! Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Taylor helps keep your home warm and comfortable

boiler service maryland To the untrained eye, boilers and water heaters may appear to be very similar since they both serve the purpose of heating water in your home.

Boilers and water heaters are both types of appliances that use water to generate heat. However, they serve different purposes. Boilers are typically used to provide heating for buildings, while water heaters are used to provide hot water for cooking or bathing.

The Taylor team of trained and skilled service technicians are boiler installation, maintenance, and repair experts. We’ll keep your boiler running with maximum energy efficiency while you stay comfortable in your Southern Maryland home.

We have put together information on both boilers and water heaters, so you have a better idea of how each work.

How does a boiler work?

A boiler uses water that is recirculated to generate heat for your home as either heated water or steam. Because the system is closed, it does not require fresh or potable water.

The components of a boiler include:

Water and steam efficiently transfer heat better than forced-air heating, resulting in a more even temperature distribution. The heat from boilers is less drying for skin, furniture, and fabrics than forced-air heating.

How does a water heater work?

There are two kinds of water heaters: conventional storage heaters with a tank and tankless water heaters.

A storage tank water heater uses either gas or electricity to heat up water until it reaches the temperature you set. The heated water is then stored in a tank until you need it. The reheating process begins again once the water falls below the set temperature. This system ensures that there is always hot water available to you.

The temperature of the water coming out of your sink or shower is decided by how much you turn the handle on your faucet, or what setting you have your washing machine or dishwasher set at. When you turn on your shower or sink, cold water enters the heating system, and the heated water is pushed through the pipes to its destination. The pressure in your pipes determines how this process works.

Save on your energy costs by using a propane tankless water heater! This type of system only heats water when it’s needed, instead of continuously heating an unused supply. Cold water enters the tankless water heater, where it is heated instantly. Water keeps being heated and send to where it’s needed as long as it is needed. Homeowners report saving 40% or more on their monthly bill with this one change.

If you have not had your boiler tuned up yet this year, now is the time to make sure it’s ready for winter! Contact us today to schedule your tune-up.

Go for comfort and efficiency with a propane water heater!

water heaters maryland If your water heater is 10 to 12 years old, it is at the average life expectancy for that type of device. Now would be an ideal time to start thinking about replacing it.

Taylor can handle all your water heater needs, with expert water heater installation, maintenance, and repairs. Let’s run through the three main types of water heaters on the market.

Storage tank water heaters

A tank water heater stores and heats a large amount of water so it will always be ready when you need it. The pipe above the tank carries hot water to wherever it’s needed, such as the dishwasher, shower, or washing machine.

If you’re looking to save money, replacing your old tank water heater with a new one is a great option. Tank water heaters are affordably priced and easy to install, making them a popular choice among homeowners. Today’s tank water heaters also offer better energy efficiency than older models.

Tankless water heaters

A tank water heater stores all the hot water your home has available at a given time. Your tank water heater regularly heats and reheats the water throughout the day and night so that you have hot water whenever you need or want it.

A tankless water heater heats up only when you need it, which provides hot water on demand without the worry of how much is in the tank.

A tankless water heater has the potential to save you up to 40% annually on your water heating energy costs! As water heating is typically 20% of most peoples’ total energy bill, homeowners could see some serious savings by switching over.

Traditional tank water heaters typically only last 10 years, but with a tankless model, you can expect your heater to last 20 years or more.

Indirect water heaters

These types of systems use your home’s heating system to heat your water.

Indirect water heating systems are very energy efficient and can save you money on your water heating bill, especially during heating season. However, they need to be connected with your home’s heating system, which makes installation more involved and much more expensive than a conventional or tankless water heater.

How to tell if you need a new water heater

Water heater replacement is best done before your old one fails, so that you can take your time in choosing the right new water heater for your home.

Checking your water heater regularly can help prevent future failures, as there are often signs leading up to it. If you see any of the following, give Taylor Energy a call so we can send someone over for a repair service:

Ready to upgrade to a new, high-efficiency water heater? Contact Taylor Energy and get a FREE estimate!