Save Money With Propane For Your Business

Taylor Can Help!

propane for business marylandIf all you know about propane is how great it is for grilling, you’re missing out on an opportunity to minimize costs and maximize profit for your Southern Maryland business!

The commercial propane experts at Taylor are here to help you discover how propane can benefit all kinds of businesses, including yours.

Businesses Run Better With Propane

A wide range of businesses use propane. The hospitality industry — restaurants, banquet halls, hotels, and resorts — uses it for cooking, heating, laundry services, fireplaces, and more.

Propane provides temporary heating and generator power for construction sites. Propane forklifts are more efficient, more versatile, and more powerful than electric forklifts.

Landscaping businesses use propane for commercial mowers and other equipment that is more efficient with fewer exhaust fumes.

Businesses, like municipalities and school districts, are discovering the cost savings that can be had with propane autogas.

On the farm, propane provides efficiency and security. Your propane supply is always right there on the property. You aren’t at the mercy of a large utility company with outages or disruptions in service. Here are some things propane can do.

Propane In Your Office

Propane can do a lot around your office and building as well. Here are some examples.

Heating. A propane gas furnace heats air to about 130˚ – 140˚ Fahrenheit, working intensely for short bursts to minimize operating costs. By contrast, electric heat pumps produce air that feels cool to the touch. On cold days, you’re going to have to have supplemental heating. That inefficiency is going to dramatically raise your heating costs.

Water heating. A propane water heater can give you hot water at 40% the cost of an electric heater. Make that a propane tankless water heater and your costs go down even more!

Generators. A propane standby generator does so much more for your business than keep the lights on. If you are in restaurants, grocery stores, or food service, your refrigeration system will stay running, protecting your food. Technology like computers and servers need to stay at a safe temperature. With a propane standby generator, the HVAC will keep working.

Want to learn more about the benefits of propane for your bottom line? Contact us to discover what Taylor can do for you!