Benefits of Propane Firepits

Taylor makes your outdoors great!

propane firebowls Leonardtown, md With spring in full swing here in Southern Maryland, we are finally able to start enjoying time outdoors.

If you are looking to enhance your enjoyment of your back yard, Taylor can help with that! We sell a wide range of outdoor propane appliances including firepits.

Here are some of the reasons a propane firepit would make a great addition to your back yard.


It’s been a long day and you’d love nothing more than to unwind before a fire. Or, you’re hosting a cookout and have a million things to do. Either way, building and tending a wood fire in a firepit is a hassle.

Skip all that with a propane firepit. Most propane firepits have a push-button ignition, which means you push the button, and voilá! You have a fire.

When you’re ready for the fire to be over, just push the button and that’s it. No worries about if the wood fire is completely out before heading inside.

Style and versatility

Wood firepits are pretty limited in terms of aesthetics. Your material choices tend to be rock or concrete. But with a propane firepit, you can choose a look that best fits your style and needs!

Style – Thanks to a wide range of materials, propane firepits can fit all sorts of outdoor aesthetics. Sleek concrete bowl firepits are striking and modern. Faux stone creates a classic rustic look. Cast aluminum is a cost-effective way to get looks from traditional to contemporary.

Wood-look, stone, or glass toppings – Have your fire your way! Choose a zen river rock, sparkling modern glass, or classic wood, whichever suits your style.

Coffee table style – These firepits not only create a place to gather around the fire, but you can also set your drinks or snacks on them while you are there.

Tabletop and pub height – Take your back yard to new heights with a firepit that is the height of a dining or pub table.


Propane firepits offer many safety advantages.

A propane firepit does not create sparks and embers that can cause burns on skin or clothing, or catch grass on fire.

You don’t need to tend to a propane fire as you do with a wood fire, so there are fewer opportunities for accidents and burns.

Inhaling wood smoke is detrimental to your health; the microscopic particles permeate deep into your lungs and can remain there for months. These tiny fragments, which are smaller than a human hair at 2.5 microns or less in size, contain hazardous substances that can lead to or intensify heart and lung diseases. These particulates are created from leftovers of unburnt wood, making them highly dangerous if inhaled too often over prolonged periods.

Better for the environment

Burning wood as an energy source can produce 28 – or more – pounds of air-polluting particulate emissions, adversely affecting the environment.

Propane is an ecologically friendly fuel source that produces less than 1% of harmful emissions when compared to wood, making it much better for the environment and your well-being.

Taylor has the propane firepits and other outdoor appliances to make your back yard a place for fun and relaxation. Come visit our Lexington Park showroom to see what we can do for you!