Automated Tank Monitoring: The Future Of Propane Delivery

propane tank monitors maryland

Get peace of mind with Taylor!

At Taylor, we love being able to offer Automatic Delivery of propane to our customers.

Our customers love Automatic Delivery, too, and have made it the most popular delivery option we have.

That is because Automatic Delivery makes life, and managing your home’s propane supply, so much easier!

Tank Monitoring Simplifies Your Life

You no longer have to make sure you check your propane tank gauge levels regularly and call us right away to schedule a delivery when your tank reaches 30% full.

Instead, Taylor uses your prior propane usage and current weather conditions to accurately predict when you will need us to make a propane delivery and schedule it promptly.

But sometimes, more precise information is needed that prior propane usage doesn’t show. For example, you recently added a propane whole-house backup generator to your home and used it. Perhaps adult children have returned home, or elderly parents moved in. Maybe you spent weeks or months away from your home. All of these kinds of scenarios affect your propane usage in a way your usage history may not fully reflect.

When you want pinpoint accuracy with us knowing how much propane you have, we offer FREE wireless propane tank monitoring! Our tank monitors use cellular and wireless technologies to let us know in real time exactly home much propane is in your tank. When your propane tank gauge reaches a set level, the monitor lets us know and we are on the job, scheduling a delivery to your home before you run low.

If your propane usage changes, whether it’s an increase or a decrease, we’ll know about it immediately.

Something else that comes free with wireless propane tank monitoring: peace of mind. You’ll be assured that we will always know when you need propane so you will never have to deal with the hassle and expense of a propane run-out.

Contact us to learn more about tank monitoring!