Are Propane Firepits Safe?

Enjoy your back yard with a propane firepit from Taylor!

propane firebowl Prince Frederick, md Even though autumn is here, you can still enjoy your back yard with a propane firepit.

Taylor makes having a firepit at your Southern Maryland home easy with our stellar selection of top-quality propane firepits. We also offer expert installation and service of firepits and a wide range of propane outdoor appliances.

Most pre-made propane fire pits and fire tables are designed to be safe for use on composite or wood decks. Unlike wood fires, gas fire pits eliminate sparks, minimizing the risk of accidental ignition. This makes them a safer option for outdoor enjoyment.

Propane gas firepits provide a remarkably safer option compared to wood firepits. The clean-burning flames of gas fire pits eliminate the necessity of continuously adding fuel like wood or other combustible materials to keep the fire going. Not only does this ensure convenience, but also enhanced safety.

With propane firepits, you get a safer and more controlled fire experience compared to their wood-burning counterparts. By eliminating the risk of flying sparks and unpredictable flames, they provide a secure ambiance. In contrast, wood firepits emit smoke and other particulate matter, compromising the air quality and making it less safe to breathe in their vicinity.

If you plan on using your propane firepit on your deck, please let us know as you are shopping in our showroom, and we’ll help you select one that is safe for it.

Propane firepit safety tips

While propane firepits are safe when used properly, there are some important safety best practices you need to know.

  1. Look for firepits approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).
  2. Install your propane firepit at least 10 feet away from structures or any combustible surface or item such as a patio umbrella in your back yard.
  3. Trim low-hanging branches or shrubs near your firepit.
  4. NEVER use a propane firepit or any other propane outdoor appliance indoors or in covered spaces like a carport, covered pergola, or sunporch. This can lead to a buildup of carbon monoxide, an odorless gas that can kill or cause serious injury.
  5. Keep your firepit clean by covering it after each use so combustible items like twigs and leaves can’t get in it. Use a soft brush or damp cloth to clean it regularly so it stays looking and performing well.
  6. Inspect your firepit before each use, making sure there is no debris in it and that all connections are secure.
  7. Keep a dry-chemical fire extinguisher, like the ones used in kitchens, nearby when you use your firepit. Do not use water on your firepit, as it can damage the firepit.
  8. Do not leave your firepit unattended when it’s being used, as the firepit could be knocked over.
  9. Keep children and pets at least three feet away from the firepit.
  10. Firepits are not for cooking. Toasting marshmallows is fine, but make sure they don’t fall into the firepit as they can create clogs and damage the firepit.
  11. Be sure to shut off the propane gas supply valve once you are finished using the firepit.

Taylor helps make your back yard a place to gather and relax even when it’s a bit chilly! Come visit our Lexington Park showroom to see our array of propane outdoor appliances.